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Thread: WIP : BTTF DeLorean Time Machine

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    A few new issues arrived yesterday


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    The last body-panel attached, there is a minor problem with the door-cab on the passenger side. I hope this solves itself when the body and the bottom come together, as I think this might happen due some minor warping of the mainframe. Either that or the door itseld needs some adjustments

    I also did a testfit with the rear-mask from the very first issues

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    Itsa me again, with yet another small update, only one week later


    this will be just a "2,5 issue update"

    Actually, I ordered up to #89 from EM-shop this time, but since my beginning of this build back in Jan., this is the first time where the order is messed up a little. No big deals, but unexpected indeed.
    First, the main inner roof cover in #86 has a little color scratched off the plastic, still in protecting blister. Qualitycontrol fail !
    Second, #87, supplies a wrong string of LEDīs. The ones packed, are a pair of YELLOW LEDīs. These are meant to be mounted through the roof to light the rear Flux-band and so these should be BLUE. Thanks again, Qualitycontrol. Anyway, I already learned that the correct string, will be supplied later with #90
    Third, as mentioned I ordered 5 issues, but I only recieved 4.
    "Dear customer
    Due some unexpected logistic-error, issue #88 is currently out-of-stock...

    Donīt know if by error or to compensate that, but I recieved this for free instead

    Ok, stop moaning and lets start again


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    The above mentioned quality-failure can be seen on the left arm ( right, when mounted inside ) In the end, no big deal. I will color this when attached to the inside body
    Painted the "mounting panel" where all the switches go, silver and black for two little details.

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    #87 ( part 1 )

    Another little quality-issue here.
    The sunvisors are articulated, but the way they are mounted, makes them pretty loose and wobbly. As for me no big deal, as I have no plans to keep them moving up and down, I will permanently glue them later when this is mounted to the inside

    I might be wrong, but I think there should also go a few extra cables between the switches. I need to check for some reference pictures for that.

    And this is where the ,5 update stops As explained above, the wrong colored LED string should be mounted now, followed by attaching the assembly to the body-inside

    To be continued...

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