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Thread: Battle on Crait Battlepack

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    This particular set was likely a major fail since IMO it only had one hook line and sinker figure which was the FO gunner. By contrast, the Jedha Revolt pack was slightly more desirable with only one unappealing figure (Jyn) so I trust a majority of collectors (albeit the completists) skipped buying the single pack version of her altogether. But in addition, it's my general impression that the lack of articulation in every set, hence less 'toyetic' appeal, doesn't provide that bang for your buck investment when it comes purchasing these packs I suppose unless Mr. Clearance starts knocking at your door.

    The Target exclusive Solo Imperial 6-pack at least for me is at hint that Hasbro sort of got the message as far as more desirable figures in pack hopefully going forward, with the count for this particular set bumped up by 2 more figures for Hasbro to earn a little more extra dough. But at $50, I still think most won't bite despite the adjusted poses to make them look less static.
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    That one is just to army centric for me, especially of troops I don't want. lol

    So IMO, they have a log ways to go. I agree though, the one with Two Tubes was very cool.

    Almost feel they should have just put Moloch and that other helmeted guy in a multipack with a couple other background characters and called it good.
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    If anyone is looking to let go of on of these, please feel free contact.I have A LOT to trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maynard View Post
    If anyone is looking to let go of on of these, please feel free contact.I have A LOT to trade.
    PM sent...

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