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Thread: Temple Of Doom Fans

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTKenobi View Post
    Just saw this thread. I LOVE TOD! My sentimental favorite. I was 9 YO when this came out and I think this was the absolute perfect age for me to experience it. If I remember correctly, I think my dad was cool enough to let us stick around after the movie was done, so we could watch it 2x in a row (I remember he did that with Time Bandits too). I do know for sure I saw it more than once in the theater. Such great memories!
    And TOD stands up so well today. I took my daughter to see it with me last year in the theater and what a treat! It's just beautifully crafted from every angle of the production - direction & blocking, editing, beautifully conceived & realized effects, set many folks (crew) at the top of their game. And this film has many instances of that trademark Lucas/Spielberg thing where they have their characters get into one crazy situation after another with each situation crazier than the previous one...and it works, no matter how over-the-top it got!

    Beautifully put. I can only imagine how awesome a movie like TOD is in the theater. Maybe next year for the 35th anniversary it might get some anniversary screenings? I'd love to be able to see it. It's one thing to see it over and over on DVD and Blu-ray at home, but the theatrical environment always provides a unique experience you can never replicate at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomtrooper View Post
    Another great thing TOD has going for it is Mola Ram, easily the most evil villain of the series and by far the most frightening. You know the second he arrives onscreen things are going bad.
    Definitely the most memorable. My son is an avid viewer of the TRU TV's Impractical Jokers and easily picked out Mola Ram during one of Murr's punishments.
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    I think Mola Ram definitely raised the bar for how scary and evil an Indy villain can be. It'd be awesome to get another scary villain like him for Indy 5. Someone who the instant he shows onscreen you know he's nobody to take lightly.

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    I have to put TOD as my favorite as well. It was also the first Indy movie I ever saw, having been too young to see Raiders when it came out (I actually didn't watch that one until I was in my teens) - and mind you, I was 8 when Temple came out, so you can imagine how the sacrifice scene freaked me out at the time (although I have to admit, as an adult, the heart scene is so painfully fake-looking when compared to the rest of the effects in the movie). Still, I thought the dinner scene was hilarious, the entire end sequence from where they free the kids and take out the villains - beginning with Indy's epic staredown with the Thuggee slaver right before punching him out - was awesome, and the bridge scene was definitely something different. I still enjoy all three of the other Indy movies, but TOD definitely holds a special place with me.

    ...and on a side note, I knew very little about Indiana Jones, so when I saw the trailer on TV, and they said "Harrison Ford," what a shocker it was to run in and tell my mother that I wanted to see it because Han Solo was in it, only to be told that he WAS Indy! Pure awesomeness!!!
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    TOD was my first Indy movie as well. I was maybe 2 or 3 when I first saw it? Definitely a mind-blowing experience at such a young age and one that forever stays with you. I saw Raiders not that long after and while I also loved it, TOD resonated more with me.

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    Also forgot to say that sometime ago I acquired from a Saver's store a rather rare TOD-oriented item, a novelization that includes stills from the film among the pages. Anyone else own it? It's in remarkable condition for a three-decade old book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomtrooper View Post
    Also forgot to say that sometime ago I acquired from a Saver's store a rather rare TOD-oriented item, a novelization that includes stills from the film among the pages. Anyone else own it? It's in remarkable condition for a three-decade old book.
    I'm pretty sure I had a copy of that novelization when I was a kid. I know I had The Last Crusade novelization. I still have a Temple of Doom magazine that unfolds into a poster.

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    My copy is the reprint from when Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out. They reissued all three of the old novelizations with brand new covers.
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    I know it isn't exactly Horror, but does anyone else have TOD in rotation during their Horror viewing during Halloween, if anyone else does? TOD is the closest the series came to being outright Horror and definitely strongly evokes it at times during moments like the spike/bug chamber, the sacrifice and the overall extremely dark, ominous tone it has. I don't know if Spielberg and Lucas may have been influenced by EC Horror comics of the 50s but it definitely evokes that kind of style and mood much of the time. It fits in just fine with Halloween viewing for me.

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    No, but KOTCS is a real horror story.

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