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Thread: WTT/WTB Droids and Droid Parts

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    WTT/WTB Droids and Droid Parts

    Hello All,
    Things are a bit tough financially at the moment so I'd really prefer to trade but if the price is right I'd be willing to make a purchase. I am looking for a few Disney droids and droid parts from the bins. A link for my FS/FT thread is in my signature below.
    Thanks anyone who might be able to help!

    C1-10P Chopper
    R5-O13, R2-C2, R5-S9, R5-P8 (Clone Wars 4-pack)

    Loose pieces and others:

    Additionally, an older Disney white and purple body, white and purple legs (with the wires), and a white middle foot. I'd like to get these pieces to pair with the newer white and purple R9 dome which I am also interested in.

    Thanks again!

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    Not that there seems to be much going on with this thread but bumping. Wonder how many droids you can find discarded, at Goodwill stores or other thrift shops, or garage sales around the cities where there are parks?

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    No luck finding parts in thrift stores around Orlando, at least I’ve never seen them.
    i frequent the parks and Disney Springs, so I could build most of them, but I’m not looking to trade. They cost about $14 each or $24 when you buy them in pairs. I haven’t seen the black R0 head in a while, but the rest are fairly common. The white purple body might still be in rotation, but the legs are long gone
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