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Thread: Most expensive/rare thing you’ve lost/accidentally thrown away?

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    Actually not a thrown away or loosing story but it still it f*cks me up till today. I collected Basketball cards in the 90s and drew two pretty sick deck of cards in a row. One pack was called "hot pack" or something, so you would get about 6 cards of the same type with the label "hot pack" on them. Jordan was in that deck of cards too, so the second deck I drew had the same Jordan card just without the label "hot pack" which made it more valuable. The comic book store owner saw it and asked me if I wanted to trade it, telling me it wasn't worth much, the hot pack would be more valuable - Little did I know it was the other way around - and yes I did trade it. I was about 10 or 11 years old, last time I got ripped off by an adult or by anybody in general concerning collecting.

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    Well, it wasn't accidental, or thrown away, but when I was probably 12, I sold my vintage SW toys in a garage sale.
    Death Star, X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Landspeeder, first 12 figures, plus several of the Fisher Price Adventure People sets, Safari set etc.

    All for $20 total.

    To the idiot neighbor kids, who later said they broke or lost everything.

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    Not lost/accidentally thrown away, but I sold off my Action Fleet collection around 2006. My friends even told me I would miss them. I thought I was out of collecting at that point. About a year or so later they were right, and I started collecting them again. Now, just over 10 years later I finished off my collection.

    I should have never sold them in the first place.

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    These are sad stories. The worst I can recall is losing my original vintage Amanaman and EV-9D9. They disappeared about ten years ago and I’ve never been able to find them. I replaced one, but not the other.
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    i was looking through the mini rig listings on ebay the other day and made a disturbing discovery. while i dont remember owning it im fairly certain i had a security scout mini rig as a kid and i didnt know what it was
    and sold it in 2005 with my other non essential childhood toys. i mean it looks like some crap from barnyard commandos or robotech or something i didnt know it was star wars :O
    and while not expensive when i was young flint from gi joe went mia and was never found. while i found one on ebay (with no gun) i still wonder what became of him.
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    I was a child in the 70s and I was able to get the early Star Wars figures that year. My mom somehow made it a priority and I got all the figures including a Vinyl Cape Jawa. Well he was pretty small and felt out of place with the other figures aside from R2. But as time went on and I got a RC Jawa Sandcrawler, I expanded my Jawa population through trade with neighborhood kids and picked up another 5 or 6 Cloth Jawas. I kept my figures in good shape and protected my collection that I still have to this day. But I never did care for that cheap plastic cape in comparision to the much nicer cloth ones.

    Fast forward many years and I hear about how one of the most valuable SW figures is a VC Jawa. Ha! I think to myself, I have one of those. So the next time I head over to parents and my childhood home, I head down to the basement and find that GI Joe Footlocker that contains my 52 SW Vintage figures. I did and find all of my Jawas, but no Vinyl cape.

    Not sure what ever happened to it, but it has been no where to be found. Plus over the years the Jawas swapped capes all the time, so I'm not even sure which of my remaining jawas was the original VC Jawa. I read somewhere the eyes are painted closer together on the VC Jawa, so there is hope that I could identify him, but without the orig cape, it really doesn't end up making a difference.

    Oh, and Yes, I do still have the Sandcrawler and its stairs are in great shape.

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