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Thread: Can't find Rey or Vader lightsabers in Disney Parks (Orlando)

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    Can't find Rey or Vader lightsabers in Disney Parks (Orlando)

    We are visiting Disney in Orlando and got 5 day passes, now on day 3 of these and we've checked every Star Wars shop and none have the Rey or Darth Vader lightsabers. They do have Kylo. We've been to Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom with zero luck.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to find these? It's unbelievably disappointing to spend so much to visit from out of state and find no option to get them. Yet they seem readily available on secondary market with the usual markup.

    The markup isn't the biggest issue, it's that we had hoped to get them ourselves from the parks. So far, no luck.

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    Download the shop Disney app. They have the Vader one on there and gives you a find in park option

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    Thank you, I've done that but it just shows "out of stock" and the "find on map" option is grayed out. They must not be available anywhere. But thanks for the feedback.

    FYI, it only shows Vader. There is no Rey or even Kylo saber on the shop disney parks app
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    Oh, that’s too bad! I bought an Obi Wan Hasbro Force fx saber this week on clearance at a Walmart but it had to go back due to a broken piece when opened. Truthfully, without a removable blade it is a little disappointing.

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    I care most about the hilt but the blade is a great option to be able to install.

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    Try Disney Springs ...there was a store specifically dedicated just to Star Wars when I was at Disney World in September

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    I was at Disney World in October and was told by multiple people at the other Star Wars stores that the Rey saber was exclusive to Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios. They also told me to go there first thing in the morning to make sure they don't run out. I've also heard that the Vader is also exclusive to Launch Bay but I can't verify that. If you are staying on the grounds I would go to concierge and see if they can get it for you. They can call the Launch Bay and verify that they have them.

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    They’ve been hit and miss lately with Sabers. They’re very popular and limited to Launch Bay now.
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