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    Canto Bight

    Is anyone reading Canto Bight yet? It looks OK but I had to buy a copy because I have every other novel that they published (last count was over 200 books.) I keep saying that will read each of them once more when I retire in 20 years.

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    Read it - it was ok.

    4 stories set in Canto Bight with various characters - no tie in to The Last Jedi (and no The Last Jedi character references)

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    Its next on my reading list. I want to finish it before TLJ Novelization comes out. I liked TLJ, but the Canto Bight story was the least enjoyable part of the movie for me, so I cant say I'm incredibly excited or motivated to crack it open. But I've been surprised before. Never judge a book by its cover, or something like that hahaha.

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    Finished it up today. It was a surprisingly fun read, which I thought it might have been. 3 of the 4 stories are great. The Ride by John Jackson Miller was hands down the best story. I found myself laughing out loud and I legitimately cared about what happened to main character, Kal. Like bwing said, the stories have nothing to do with The Last Jedi. Its definitely worth reading if you have the time.

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    This book lost me when they named characters Parallela and Rhomby Grammus.

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    Hahaha yeah. The amount of times sommelier was used bothered me too. That story was my least favorite.

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    A relaxing read

    This was a fun read though a little tedious at times.

    The Last Jedi visual dictionary has photos of several of the characters in the book including Parallela and Rhomby Grammus, though I'm glad I saw the photos only after I read the book.
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