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    OT: Transformers Comics

    What are some good non marvel Transformers comic lines? Only asking here because I don't want to sign up for a transformers site for one question lol. I'm looking to pick up some TPBs.
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    Well, nothing can beat the Marvel (US & UK!) saga, but since you specifically ask for non-Marvel...

    Many people will rate the "More Than Meets The Eye" ongoing series as the pinnacle of TF comics; it's good, but the writer's bizarre belief that his sense of "humour" does anything but ruin otherwise-great stories puts me off him. Might be worth checking out to make your own mind up (TPBs are labelled vol 1, 2, 3 etc).

    Here's some recommendations:

    "Infiltration": This kicked off the whole "IDW-verse" that began in late 2005 and is still going today. Not the first story chronologically, but certainly written as the "introductory" story of these comics. Written by Simon Furman. If you like this, the story follows through in the following: "Stormbringer", Escalation", "Devastation", "Maximum Dinobots" and "Spotlight" vols 1-4 (the spotlights are one-issue stories that slot in and contribute to the larger epic story being told)

    "All Hail Megatron": This was IDW's first 'soft reboot', moving the story forward by a year from Furman's "-Ation" series above. How much you like this one will depend on whether you are a "G1 cartoon rules!!" kinda-guy. It was designed to appeal to a wider audience that might only remember the TFs from the old cartoon series. Plenty of action if that's yer thing.

    "Last Stand of the Wreckers": Mini-series that really opened some interesting, and disturbing, doors in the TF universe of comics. Largely disconnected from any ongoing narrative and stands on its own. Got a lot of critical acclaim.

    The Dreamwave years get a lot of flak, but the "War Within" and "War Within: Dark Ages" mini-series (collected as their own TPBs and together) generally get a lot of fan praise. Set pre-Earth in the early days of the Cybertron war.

    As is...

    "Autocracy"/"Monstrosity"/"Primacy": Again, set in the early days of the war but a different continuity to the "War Within".

    The "Robots In Disguise" series of TPBs was "More Than Meets The Eye" sister series. The premise is that the war is over on Cybertron - now what happens!? The early issues introduce a more 'political' angle to the TFs than previous, so depending on your particular pleasure this series may appeal.

    You discounted Marvel-era... not sure if you have read the UK-generated Marvel issues (which were designed to work in and around the US continuity) - if not, you must investigate these! In my humble opinion, they pretty much trump any TF comic made after '91.

    There have been so many TPB releases of these comics over the years, it's hard to recommend particular editions, but story-wise, you can start with "Target: 2006" and not so far wrong...
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    Thanks man!! I'll definitely have to check those out.

    I enjoyed the marvel series when I was a kid (but it was no GI Joe). Was watching Combiner Wars and Titans on go90 the other day and it got me all curious about the newer comics.

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