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Thread: Lili Ledy help please

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    Lili Ledy help please

    I run a comic book store in Houston and recently bought these 6 figures. They all appear to be original and authentic, but I honestly have never seen a carded one before. I have heard all kinds of thoughts on value from various people I have asked, so wanted to throw it up in here on what y'all think. Should I send them to AFA first to authenticate? That's my first thought. Any specific things to look for? Any help at all would be appreciated! I can tell you all about golden and silver age comics, but foreign variants on Star Wars figures are a little outside my knowledge base Thanks a bunch!

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    What a score! Some thousands of dollar each on these. If All correct and no reseal. Hard for me to tell if these are reseals or not. More close up pictures f the seal around bubble can tell better.
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    Here are pictures close up of the bubbles and seals. Hopefully this will help for those who have asked.

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    those are the correct ledy figures inside , that's a plus
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