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Thread: Yoda Needs a Trilogy! Not Just a Spin off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkManX View Post
    But it's all expanded universe, so once fans figure out that the original trilogy is expanded universe they'll quit buying anything star wars related because it's all expanded universe, so they don't need to watch any of the movies because it's all expanded universe.
    "By Jove! I think he's got it!" LOL

    (what's YOUR theory, why the SW fanbase has rejected "Solo"..? I say, because it smells like EU. and fans can smell that shit a mile away.
    you reject this notion.. tha's cool.. so please enlighten us. why do you think Solo is only performing relative to "TCW" and not the saga films?
    it seems to be performing like an EU movie. *shrug* like the theatrical release of TCW. but that's just an observation. you obviously see things differently... what up then? how do YOU see this? what's YOUR reason, why the fans have rejected Solo?)
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