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Thread: Special movie magazines of Star Wars. Anyone else buy and read them?

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    Special movie magazines of Star Wars. Anyone else buy and read them?

    Earlier today I bought the Entertainment Weekly Ultimate Guide revised magazine of Star Wars which the thick magazine special includes stuff of Last Jedi. Magazine costs 14.99 pretty spendy since its a Star Wars movie magazine special from Entertainment Weekly

    Just wondering if anyone else buys certain fancy magazine editions for movies such as Star Wars or some fancy magazine for horror movies?

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    Yes. I collect any and all Star Wars literature which includes any type of special magazines published to commemorate the new films or the anniversaries of the others. If you look around, you'll typically see these done by Entertainment Weekly, TIME Magazine, People, Sci-Fi Now, EMPIRE Magazine and more.
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    the newer Ultimate Star Wars magazine by Entertainment Weekly, I suppose theyll release another "revised" magazine next year for Episode IX and theyll probably add "new" old articles of the original trilogy which Im sure Id have read in old Star Wars Insider issues anyway

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    It depends. Over here every year with the new Star Wars movies there's a bunch of special editions magazines released and they all claim to be "the ultimate Star Wars Bible"... but most of the time there is not much that's really new or interesting. It's very repetitive, a lot of things we already know or already have the infos in other books or magazines, and it seems they tends to have a lot of pictures to compensate the lack of original editorial content. They can be quite expensive too, 9.99 euros or even 14.99 euros for a magazine is a lot. I took a look at the official Star Wars magazine edition for The Last Jedi, and there is nothing really interesting or that the visual guide already tells.
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    To me, I think Star Wars Insider magazine is better and cheaper than wasting 14 bucks on a special movie "collectors" revised edition from People, Entertainment Weekly or even TV Guide.

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    right, sturm86-I used to, but books like art of, making of, dictionaries etc. just render them pointless, and leave you w/ piles of mags you'll never revisit, and never seem to ever be worth much LOL... like TV guides in a way. I have some older ones, Topps 20th, TPM poster books, but most were a result of bulk/lot purchase. I saw like 3 TLJ ones out there-TIME, EW, etc. Some also have CNN-esque "facts" as well, and it seems like the editors are lost in the assignment and have little working knowledge of SW, and just hopped on the bandwagon. I agree, SW Insider would be the best avenue for SW periodicals/mags-even back issuing the whole older collection is still worthwhile.
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    I absolutely LOVE to collect the old vintage mgazines. Typically I try to grab everything with a dedicated or dominating Star Wars "cover" with some exceptions. Some mags may not have Star Wars focus on thier cover but some very early mags had some GREAT articles.. to go back and read .. lots of fun. Some of hte early "predictions" character names, etc. Can't beat the old vintage print media.
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