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Thread: My Pop-Up Playsets

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    Nevermind, see the link.

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    I just discovered this thread but I've been keeping an eye on your Facebook updates for a while. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered 2 - Executor and Home One Briefing Room. Can't wait for them to come in.
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    Just ordered me a sweet Carbonite Alcove. Have you ever considered doing a larger scale for 6 inch figures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Star_Wars_Dork View Post
    Just ordered me a sweet Carbonite Alcove. Have you ever considered doing a larger scale for 6 inch figures?
    Thanks guys! I do a handful of 6" displays right now, and I'm always expanding what I have to offer. You can check out the Facebook page @CardboardGalaxy if you want to go through pictures of all the stuff I make.

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    That's a good start.

    What do you think of making a second piece that is just cliff face. Anyone interested could buy 2 (or more) and expand the wall on either side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Utinniii View Post
    That's a good start.

    What do you think of making a second piece that is just cliff face. Anyone interested could buy 2 (or more) and expand the wall on either side.
    That would be neat--and a whole lot easier than building in the door. The only issue it would run into would be the angled in sections of the walls, though I did go ahead this time and made sure that the walls and the base should join perfectly, leaving no gap at the edge.

    The next Pop-Up Playset on my agenda is a Cantina Alcove that almost works as a shadowbox, and a part of the design there was to have it work in series, so you can line them up for as long of a "Cantina wall" display as you want. Then I can make specially modified ones later, like the entrance and the bandstand, to mix it up a bit.

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    The Jabba's door is an interesting one. I never really thought about something like that, but it looks great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muftak View Post
    Hey guys. I haven't posted in a while, but I've been plenty busy...

    I have been making (amongst other stuff) these Pop-Up Playsets since the summer. So far I have four in the line. The design philosophy is to use nothing but printed cardstock. The concept is to bring to life more of the fun Kenner cardboard playsets I loved as a kid in the 70s and 80s. In fact, I started with a challenge to myself to update my favorite, the Sears Cloud City Playset, with new illustrations.

    That one was basically just a test to see if I could pull off a 3D playset design and make it work. I liked it enough to move on to the next. It seemed to me the "Jedha Revolt" Gift Pack was exactly what we would have been given from Sears in the catalog last Christmas, if that sort of thing still existed, and of course it would have come with a great cardboard playset. I tasked myself with making that playset next:

    I really liked this one, so I decided to keep going. The next challenge was to build the set that I wished Kenner had made when I was a kid, and the biggest hole in the toy line back then (to me) was the fact that there was no Emperor's Throne Room playset. I started, but I couldn't figure out all the engineering adequately, especially a staircase (it had to have a staircase!) and so I gave up. Instead, I went with a Niima Outpost/Unkar Plutt's Booth playset:

    This one was easy and not much new to me (the biggest engineering bump I made is the riser that Unkar stands on--and you can't even see when the set is assembled--being made out of a single folded piece of cardstock.) It left me itching to pull off the Throne Room set. So I went back at it, and finally solved it:

    This one is my favorite yet, I love that it is mass-producible on cardstock but is strong enough to support everybody on that second level. And the stairs worked great (and again that's just one piece of folded cardstock.)

    More designs will be on the way...I want to tackle a Hoth Command Center (like the vintage playset, but the actual Echo Base command center where Rieekan and Leia hung out) and Cantina alcoves (making those modular so you can set up several beside each other) and, and, and...
    Gosh, I like those playsets! Impressive...most impressive.

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    Awesome work! Really love the Throne room!!

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    Finished up the "Battle on Crait" playset a few days back. It turned out to be it's the biggest Pop-Up Playset in my series so far.

    The door in all of it's configurations. I had printed a first prototype, but the mountainside and the door were too close in color, it became a big mush. I corrected it by bringing the cliff face into more of a stark-white coloring. It all still feels a bit monochromatic, but I am happy enough with it to call it "done."

    This environment wouldn't have been my first choice, but I really wanted to pair it with the figure gift set Hasbro just put out like I did last summer with the "Jedha Revolt" set (and the ROTJ Target pack from Christmas time) so my hands were kind of tied environment-wise. Here it is with the figures:

    And this time I went with a modern packaging version for the "pretend" box art:

    (I used a Poe's Ski Speeder Box as the template)

    All in all I am happy with how quickly this one came together, and looking forward to finishing up the Cantina Alcove next. After that I am thinking of a Death Star Blast Door "shadowbox" style display to recreate this shot:

    Thanks for looking!

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