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Thread: My Pop-Up Playsets

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    Now why can't Hasbro make these?!?

    These are great Muftak. I hope to see more int he future. :{D
    Disney? "Canon" you say? You must unlearn what you have learned...

    If you need anything 3d Printed PM me. :{J

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daigo_Bah View Post
    Oh yes, can you give us a link? I may need a couple of these, especially for some vintage figures!!
    Sure thing fellas! Here is a link to the "TheCardboardGalaxy" store on eBay:

    A couple of these are in there right now, I am constantly in the process of rotating through what is up for sale. Also, if there's something in particular any Scummers are looking for that isn't in the store, you can always just drop me a PM or email and I can set something up for you. I sell lots of stuff not on eBay too, and of course I am always up for an intriguing commission.

    But I don't come here to sell, I'd rather talk about the process with fellow builders and leave the promotion to Facebook and eBay.

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    Finished up the "Rebel Command Center" this weekend:

    I was so happy with the way "The ROTJ Final Duel" backdrop came together, I reused the template here. The backer and base are the same dimensions, though the front of this one is not circular but more rectangular to disguise it a bit. The riser is not suspended either, it has a folded support in the middle that keeps it standing.

    The real stars here are the Rebel hardware. I had a lot of fun building out the two computer consoles in the back, and really pleasantly surprised by how easy the screen console came together.

    Lots of up I am working on a Crait mountainside with Heavy Door to go along with the "The Battle on Crait" set that is starting to hit.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Canada; less Hothy than people think!

    That looks really fun. It is more of a playset than a display. You should make stand alone versions of the consoles. I'm sure people would want multiples.

    I only have one complaint. Your models are always meticulous but in this version I can see the inner tabs. I would remake this and take new pictures when you list this to sell.

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    Thanks for the feedback, Utinniii! Definitely more of a playset. Still, I spent so much time pouring over the movie scenes to get the right feel for the room. Afterwards I always feel like I could rebuild the movie set if I needed to, but that's not what these sets are intended to be.

    And point taken on the tabs of the consoles. As you know there is always a little bit of a learning curve when making a new shape and seeing how the tabs work, so these prototypes got a little shopworn in figuring it all out. Making the photographing prototype (Phototype?) I ought to be more worried about it being pristine. (it's already up on eBay, though, and selling well!) Next time...

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    Canada; less Hothy than people think!

    I'm glad it is already selling well. These kinds of things are what Hasbro should be doing (but lucky for you they aren't!).

    It has the prototype look to it. I probably notice it more since I have made a lot of prototypes.

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    Love it. Very nice vintage feel. What kind of printer do you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_Sceptaurus View Post
    Love it. Very nice vintage feel. What kind of printer do you use?
    Thanks! I try to get a balance between 1980's design and modern authenticity.

    I print at a commercial printing service. It's the best value for me with the volume I use monthly, the quality of the printing is top-notch, and if there are printing problems they eat the cost, not me. Also, it is near to my son's school, so I'm there ten times a week anyway!

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    I have been slaving away at the "Battle on Crait" Pop-Up Playset to go along with the figure 4-pack just now showing up everywhere.

    Since the battle is basically the Resistance trying to keep the First Order from penetrating the big door, that became the focus of the playset: a large mountain backdrop with a big door.

    Usually I draw everything up on my computer screen, and the first time I do a test-fit is the first printed prototype, but with this set I decided to some angled walls on the mountain face instead of 90-degree corners as I've done in the past. That required drawing stuff up on some scrap boards to get the folds for the angles right:

    Once I was satisfied with the mountain, I went on to making up the big door. As luck would have it, the next scrap on the pile was a "Jabba's Front Door" set (with a bluish line down the middle thanks to a printer screw-up) so I went ahead and used the printed side to draw up the door:

    To add a little "playability" to the set, I designed a second set of slots for the door to tab into at a higher level for the "open door" look too:

    I spent the past couple nights translating the mock-up's angles into the computer, and drawing up the surfaces, and I hope to have the prototype ready to go soon...then I'll have to buy that 4-pack to populate the set for pictures! (Though I have already presold one based on the description alone.)

    Thanks for looking, it is fun to be able to show off "in process" pictures for a change.

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    So where can I buy this? Where do I find your stuff?

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