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Thread: Hot Toys TLJ General Leia Organa

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    Hot Toys TLJ General Leia Organa

    HT have posted images on their FB account. Looks ok, but i'll pass. Still waiting on OT figures that have been shown, but seem to have gone off HT's radar with regards to release.
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    Leia in Bespin dress. That's all I want.

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    Looks good. I will most likely buy it because it will be the last look we have of her.
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    about time, still need her TFA and original trilogy figures they haven't done yet...but a definite purchase for me

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    The likeness is really off. The only pic that looks remotely like her is the one with the hand on the chin. I hope this isn't the final product as it looks like it was rushed.

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    Not that disappointed with the likeness myself. Surprised HT went for this Leia though. Definitely a great tribute to Carrie Fisher but a risky move from a commercial point of view. As a fan of the OT, i'm glad i can finally set a shelf reuniting the original cast of heroes but i'm not sure this figure will appeal to the casual fan or even to 1/6 Star Wars collectors

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