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Thread: what non canon/eu star wars would you like a toy line of?

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    what non canon/eu star wars would you like a toy line of?

    this is going to sound weird but i almost want a toy line based on the empire strikes back NES GAME.
    a couple of weeks ago i was playing it out of nostalgia and was noticing the interesting enemies they created
    such as the cannon walker (an atst with big f%^#$ cannons on the head)
    some weird back flipping brown suited ...bounty hunters ...i guess?
    also for some reason garindan is on cloudcity doing cartwheels while screaming.
    maybe they could give us a cartwheeling garindan orko style lol.
    ok im joking there. (its in the game but a cartwheeling garindan would be lame)
    there are others though im probly forgetting.
    im thinking of getting the concept vader (because he has a blue saber like the game)
    and a concept snow trooper just because they look like the game bit.
    let me know if theres anything like this you want toys of!
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    I would love a game-based toyline with some main heroes and villains from some key SW games

    Rianna Saren and her droid Zeeo from Lethal Alliance
    Iden Versio and other members of Inferno Squad from Battlefront II
    All remaining party members plus Calo Nord of KotOR and KotOR II (plus better versions of Revan and Malak to go with TVC Bastila and BAD HK-47)
    Rohm Moc, Jerec and the dark Jedi, Jan Ors, Desann, Tavion, Alora, Jaden Korr with swappable parts, from the Jedi Knight / Dark Forces games (plus a more game-accurate Kyle)
    Sev'rance Tann from Galactic Battlegrounds
    Tyber Zann and his cohorts from Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
    Raxus Prime scavengers, Purge Trooper, Terror Trooper, Terror Walker (!) from The Force Unleashed (main character-wise Hasbro was pretty thorough though)
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    I'd love to see figures from some of the parodies like Hardware Wars!! Chewchilla the Wookiee Monster!!!

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    I'd love to see a toy line from the Rogue Squadron games - a V-wing Airspeeder or the AT-PT's would be great.

    Or even one of my other favorite video games, X-wing Alliance. Just the different TIE Experimentals would be so cool.

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    rushie i think i have seen rohm moc because i was wondering who he was.
    goldleaderone thats excellent i love the rogue squadron games but fest gave me at-ptsd lol (bad enough the vintage bubble tank mini rig reminds me of the tank things in that game
    and i get super angry when i see them (( same with cloud cars in super empire))
    id also like a serra keto figure from the episode 3 game (she was cin drallig's apprentice and one of the last jedi to fall on coruscant)
    you know if i had a bastila shan body and a black haired girl with pigtails/braids i could customize one.
    i actully searched for a v wing speeder but i only found the clone wars ship so i wish we had those too.
    i mentioned them before but id like to see guri and leebo from sote too
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    Yes there's a Rohm Moc in one Comic Pack, but that's a younger version of the same character from a comic, not the game outfit.

    Totally forgot about SotE, for some reason I always think of the comic/novel and never of the SotE game. Guri, Leebo, Dash and Snoova would be great
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    Noghri give them some ERG robes if you want to netconnect them into Disney cannon.
    Also the Yuuzhan Vong (I would be a little disappointed if part 9 didn't end with the disney version of them starting their invasion.
    Which could justify another sequel that not based on skywalker family

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    I've always wanted a small line based on the Ewok movies. The likelihood of that is close to zero, but Disney did make Teek, and Hasbro made Wicket, so maybe half a dozen other characters would round out a nice little line. They could also release an item in the beast assortment - a Blurrg w/ rider! Years ago I customized most of the characters I wanted, but it would be great to see official releases - I'd buy them all.

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    There are many characters left from a lot of different properties that I'd like to see made. Some have been brought up already like Dark Forces or Shadows of the Empire (Jerec, Leebo, Guri, etc.) and even KOTOR or Old Repbublic stuff, but I think the one property I feel we missed out on most was The Clone Wars.

    I'd love realistic styled figures of characters like Cad Bane, Embo, Seripas, Savage Oppress, Hondo, Ziro, etc. And they missed so many characters... Fives and Echo, D-Squad (we got one), Pong Krell, Rako Hardeen, Moralo Eval, Duchess Satine, Bo Katan, Adm Trench, Huyang, C-21 Highsinger, Derrown, Saw Gerrera, Mandalorian Super Commandos, Assaj Ventress (bounty hunter), and hundreds of minor characters.
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    they made dash and snoova for sote rushie
    i love the sote game i didnt read the comics. and the book not too often.
    videoviper yes! id love nogri esp khabarakh and rukh. i have seen some vong figures on ebay but i havent delved ito them yet to find out who was made other than nom anor and a vong warrior.
    i havent seen the ewok movies (though strangely id like to) id like that force witch or whatever she was.
    keknivek id love a bo katan figure! i suppose we got a rogue one saw gerrera but i guess that isnt the same
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