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Thread: what non canon/eu star wars would you like a toy line of?

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    Zayne Carrick please

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    ...never heard of him. but theres alot of mostly disney stuff lately that im unfamiler with.
    i also really like rik duel, chidho and dani from the sw comics in the 70s, man these comics are great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadesfire133336b View Post
    this is going to sound weird but i almost want a toy line based on the empire strikes back NES GAME.
    a couple of weeks ago i was playing it out of nostalgia and was noticing the interesting enemies they created
    such as the cannon walker (an atst with big f%^#$ cannons on the head)
    some weird back flipping brown suited ...bounty hunters ...i guess?
    also for some reason garindan is on cloudcity doing cartwheels while screaming.
    maybe they could give us a cartwheeling garindan orko style lol.
    ok im joking there. (its in the game but a cartwheeling garindan would be lame)
    there are others though im probly forgetting.
    im thinking of getting the concept vader (because he has a blue saber like the game)
    and a concept snow trooper just because they look like the game bit.
    let me know if theres anything like this you want toys of!
    be it books, games, movies, tv shows, even the holiday special
    so update: the cannon walke i mentioned sort of exists now!
    the atdt from solo is pretty much exactly what i described from the nes game! i so want one now!
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    Kiro - From the Marvel comics run.

    Don't remember much about the comics but I do remember I liked this character. May need to dust off those old comics.
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    strangely i agree. what i thought was going to be a really cool one off story became a really cool sub arc with the weird fish people and is my favorite story arc.
    kiro would be a really cool figure he could have a helmet lightsaber laser thingy and other acessories.
    though i feel like kiro, shaak ti, optimus prime, gandalf, reign (supergirl) and kenny from south park must meet up for tea to compare notes every saturday
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    Quote Originally Posted by VideoViper View Post
    Noghri give them some ERG robes if you want to netconnect them into Disney cannon.
    Also the Yuuzhan Vong (I would be a little disappointed if part 9 didn't end with the disney version of them starting their invasion.
    Which could justify another sequel that not based on skywalker family

    how did i miss this reply before? the vong and noghri would be awesome. they did make some vongs i know they made a nom anor figure and maybe a warrior of soem type but i dotn know of any others
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    Kal Skirata and all the mandos in the Karen Traviss novels...
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    i havent read those yet im hoping to get those one day.
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