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Thread: what non canon/eu star wars would you like a toy line of?

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    Love this thread. Will take all of them. 50% of my collection are custom jedi, dark siders and bounty hunters from legends

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    lol we should tell hasbro to make this stuff
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    Yes Snoova and Dash were made, 20 years ago. We need TVC style updates, obviously Or at least more accurate sculpts with proper scale and modern detailing.

    I would murder a nest of porglings for an Ewoks toyline, both based on the two tele-movies and the cartoon show, albeit redesigned to look realistic. Give me the Towani family and Noa, Terak, Charal and the other Marauders, a Blurrg, a giant 18" Gorax with Boar-Wolf, lots of Duloks (generics, the shaman, king and queen), minor Ewok characters (Bozzie, Deej, Weechee come to mind) , Phlogs, Morag, the Jindas, Wisties, the Mantigrue, a Hanadak, Mring-Mring etc etc

    Aaand we're stuch with 15 variations of the same new Disney cast per year -_-
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathspawn9000 View Post
    I'd love to see figures from some of the parodies like Hardware Wars!! Chewchilla the Wookiee Monster!!!
    I would buy a Hardware Wars collection. Then again, the first thing I thought of when I saw this thread was the Holiday Special. I'd love to finally see Chewbacca's family, plus Art Carney, Bea Arthur, Harvey Korman and Jefferson Starship.

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    Hardware Wars figures seem like something that ReAction figure line could do... along with Spaceballs figures

    I've made list after list of figures that I'd like to see made. The last 5 years have been sad to say the least (as far as figures go). We've gotten 6 OT characters that I can remember that are new characters in that time. Vizam, Mosep, Toryn Farr, Skiff Guard (Starsher, Doallyn, whatevs), Col Cracken, Mon Cal Pilot, and those last 2 were technically cut scenes. We've gotten a lot of really nice updates to figures like the Weequay, Nien Nunb, Tarkin, and ReeYees.. and a good number of new PT figures, but it's been rough.

    I'd like to see Hasbro do something with the non-canon/EU/non-movie figures. I feel they could easily do a couple per year and seriously those non-movie figures they've done are some of the hardest to find and most expensive on the secondary market.

    Jacen, Jaina, K'Kruhk, Revan, Malak, Malgus, Plagueis, etc.
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    charal! thats the force witch i mentioned thanks rushie! that was driving me crazy
    i saw an ewok gift pack on ebay or amazon i forget which and it had kneesa and some other ewoks i didnt recognize among some i did like teebo and wicket.
    so i think it must have had some from the cartoon.
    they made jacen and jaina figures but they are so obscenely expensive that its nigh impossible to afford them.
    they are releasing a jaina 6 inch next year though.
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    That Ewok 5 pack contained one cartoon Ewok (Kneesaa) , one from the Marvel comic Small Wars (Tippet) and three RotJ Ewoks, Teebo obviously along with the E11 brandishing Flitchee and Nanta who got killed by an AT-ST
    Wicket wasn't part of that set, though The Vintage Collection Wicket has an extra green hood and satchel based on Wicket's appearance in the second season of the cartoon

    Teek and Kaink are arguably the only actual releases from the Ewok films, though they were branded as, and of course based on Star Tours, thus Kaink only wears a hood like in the boarding video, as opposed to a full robe as she did in the film.
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    ok well my ewok knowledge is limited. all i see are hooded teddy bears. i dont know who half of them are. the only ones i can tell you i know are chirpa wicket teebo logray and paploo.
    i did learn about nanta recently along with romba and graak and another one i forgot about.
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    Okay. These are all SA 3 3/4 figures, vehicles, and playsets I'd want from an EU toyline:

    If they did the Jedi Academy Trilogy with:

    A playset of the Jedi Praxeum. I'd do it like a He Man castle Greyskull. One side is the Jedi Praxeum exterior and the other side is the Yavin Base exterior and they have their own respective interiors. They could do fold out divider walls and floors. It would need to have Exar Kun's force ghost included.

    A vehicle of the Suncrusher with Kyp Durron as a dark jedi.

    Figures of:

    Luke as a master
    Kyp Durron(student)
    Qwi Xux(scientist)
    Han Solo(mix of previous outfits?)
    Chewie(reissue of ROTJ Chewie)
    Leia(new outfit)
    R2(reissue BAD)
    Threepio(reissue BAD)

    And an NJO line:


    XJ-Wing w/Jaina Solo and her astromech.

    Coral Skipper w/Yuuzhan Vong Pilot


    Jaina Solo(jedi/pilot)
    Jacen Solo(jedi)
    Anakin Solo(jedi)
    Han Solo(mix of previous outfits?)
    Lando(new outfit)
    Leia(new outift)
    Chewie(reissue of ROTJ Chewie)
    Threepio(reissue BAD)
    R2(reissue BAD)
    Kyp Durron(jedi/pilot)
    Tenal Ka(jedi)

    Yuuzhan Vong Warrior(male)(reissue of the one from the Kyle Katarn comic pack)
    Yuuzhan Vong Warrior(female)
    Nom Anor(reissue)
    Tsavong La

    I'll have to customize all this if Hasbro doesn't make it soon. :{J
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    awesome stuff at least there are some stuff available for jacen and jaina as well a few vongs but we do ned this other stuff there was a micro machine (not the same i know) of the suncrusher.
    you forgot admiral daala shes no jedi but she was the villain in the story
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