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Thread: AT-AT Popcorn Bucket

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    AT-AT Popcorn Bucket

    So I came across these pretty cool AT-AT popcorn buckets being sold at Disneyland right now and didn't see any info on them here. Supposedly one per person and cost is $25...hoping they make their way to WDW soon. Want one!

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    That's awesome. I'll be at Walt Disney World on Wednesday, seeing the parks (Pandora and Star Tours). Hoping to catch this in person.
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    I just got back from WDW today, spent last night in Hollywood Studios and didn't see these anywhere unfortunately

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    From what I've read they are only in CA right now... but should be making their way to FL possibly around TLJ release. There is also a nice Captain Phasma stein out.

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    Here are some new pictures...and yes, they’re on eBay.

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    That's a big popcorn bucket!
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    Can anyone who has one please post some dimensions? It would be great to get a sense of how tall or long this sucker is. Thanks in advance.

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    See above pic I posted with “human” hands...

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    They do alot of fun food containers. The last time I was at DL they had Han in carbonite lunch pails, and BB-8 drink cups.
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    Amazing how they can make a popcorn bucket at Disneyland more animated, detailed and interesting than Hasbro's AT-ACT with remote control.
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