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Thread: AT-AT Popcorn Bucket

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    If anyone is able to grab an extra one and wouldn't mind finding a new loving home for it, PM me! Thanks.

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    Currently on eBay between $40 to $50

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    Yeah, I've seen them. Was hoping to have one closer to the 25 buck retail. Thank you, though!

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    They are $25 retail and it costs around $12-13 to ship it due to the size of it. Thats $37-38 dollars there. I bought both of mine off Ebay for $40 shipped so I think that is very reasonable.
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    Good point. Thanks for putting it into perspective! I'm getting one soon!

    I didn't realize these things were as big as they are.
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    I got the TIE Fighter popcorn bucket in 2016 at Hollywood Studios but the AT AT definitely looks cooler
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    Big thanks goes out to forum member, Scoundrel, for going above and beyond to get me this AT-AT popcorn bucket. It wasn't available when I was down in December. One thing is for sure, I love this collectible. It's huge and definitely a top-5 Disney Parks Star Wars collectible. And I only needed to trade two Disney Holiday droids for it.

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