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Thread: Rian Johnson's Star Wars Trilogy

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    Rian Johnson's Star Wars Trilogy

    This isn't supposed to be a part of the Skywalker Saga, which is why I posted this here.
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    Please be KOTOR or SWTOR based......
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    I would bet it is in the timeline of the Sequel Trilogy. Got to see what the Ewoks are up too. Wicket is now the tribe Chief. Oh man!
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    KOTOR would be incredible but doing that would hold them back since they'd have play with existing characters stories etc. I agree it'll be something in the same era as the ST and may have some crossover background characters to tie it together but for the most part will be completely fresh. It's good to see them move away from the Skywalker family once and for all.

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    Considering he Directed TLJ, and made the comment that he hopes fans like it especially now. Leads me to believe that it will be set in the ST era. Or slightly prior to these events maybe. I highly doubt it will be KotOR related, as it as nothing to do with TLJ theme. Nor his/Disney's vision of what they want SW to be about.

    As much as I want to see a KotOR Movie, I'm not certain Johnson would be the right choice anyways. You need a Director that isn't stuck on the OT.
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    From star "Johnson will introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored." Doesn't sound like it'll be Kotor or swtor. Sounds like a way for Disney to do to Star Wars EXACTLY what they've done with Marvel: dilute and oversaturate.

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    Indeed. Overdoing it is the main concern for me.
    And as for the TV show, wasn't there already one fully scripted? Yet historically look at how Clone Wars and now Rebels were unceremoniously dumped.
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    still waiting on the shelved SW Detours, much more interesting sounding than another LEGO cartoon LOL. I believed the Skywalker stuff would end w/ 9, but I wasn't expecting an all new trilogy, just endless spinoffs.

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    ^ I think a lot of us did. But if a recent statement by Kennedy is any indication, "A" Skywalker will show up again in EP10-12. Unless she simply misspoke, or I read too much into it.

    While the Lego stuff is neat/fun, it's not my thing which is Realistic and connected to movies.
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    KOTOR could be an Anthology movie, but they're not doing a trilogy that moves away from Rey in my opinion unless they are unable to get the principle actors to sign on...

    I would think that while they have an audience, they'll continue the story there. I'm not sure I'm interested in Star Wars: The Next Generation, but they'll certainly capitalize on it in any way they can.
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