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Thread: unintentional army building

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    unintentional army building

    holy crap where did i get all those stormtroopers?
    i didnt remember having so many but i guess the potf line gives you enough variety that you can get multiple stormtroopers and still not feel like you have doubles i guess.
    has that ever happened to anyone else? do you end up with a ton of a certain figure without meaning to? (as a side note i have a crap ton of jedi lukes too but thats not really the same)

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    I have, with my scanning crew figures from the Vintage collection 2 packs. I wanted a few extras for an ISD bridge dio/playset i was going to try and make but before i knew it I had a dozen. I intentionally started army building to replace my POTF2 era Stormies and Tie Pilots with less steroid/He-man sculpts from about 2006+. Some complain about the sculpts on them and some 5poa sculpts are superior but being an SA fan I prefer my army builders in SA and can use a 5POA for imp dignitaries or something like that.
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    i personally dont think the stormtroopers i have look that bad though i think the vintage has a better face/helmet sculpt than the potf st.
    the commtech stormtrooper though looks good in that area.
    heres a quick rundown.
    biker scout(with bike potf)
    snowtrooper (carded)
    snow trooper (loose)
    snow trooper deluxe with eweb cannon
    sandtrooper(potf orange card)
    luke stormtrooper disguise
    sandtrooper(grey pauldron dew back figure)
    potf stormtrooper
    han stormtrooper
    sandtrooper (white pauldron cantina set)
    commtech stormtrooper
    vintage stormtrooper
    i wish i had more snowtroopers for accuracy sake
    but i can use these to great effect on my hoth diorama (besides the super empire video game hd sand troopers on hoth :p )

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    Time to build that Death Star you've always been planning.
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    lol! speaking of deathstars would the cellblock playset line up like a hall way if i had more than one? (im not planning on buying more its just curiosity more than anything)
    mines in the closet dissasembled and tucked safely way in its box.
    also i noticed that with a little modification the deathstar chasm could probably be a good bespin duel set(or with some imagination anyway hint hint hasbro/kenner)

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    one thing i forgot to mention im not crazy bout the smiling mickey mouse stormtroopers in the force awakens. the frowning scary face original ttrilogy ones were so much more menacing

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    While not entirely unintentional, I found I could army-build decently by buying unique releases of certain types of troopers, without double-dipping.
    My focus is on Aayla Secura and characters related to her, including the 327th Star Corps clone troopers. Without double-dipping on any figure or multipack, I got ten different Star Corps troopers, a decent enough size that's not too heavy on the wallet or available space. I utilize this rule for other army builders as well, as I find buying the same exact figure twice a bit of a waste, even if it's supposed to be an identical clone or droid army builder.
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    thats actually what i am doing!ihave variations on stromtroopers snow troopers sand and so on without buying duplicates (i do have a carded potf snow trooper and one open though) plus i have the e web snow trooper
    im thnking of getting some first order snow troopers and concept art versions nd so on to fill them out. plus im using my han and luke disguise figures as stormtroopers too.
    if the one from the star wars board game i have had a helmet that luke could be another storm trooper too.

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    (palpatine voice) the time has resurrect this thread.."
    so another slightly hilarious case of accidental army building has occured. so i was looking at a clot of vintage figures someone had lando cc pilot and the 2 differant bespin guards for 35$ i was going to buy it but i found
    a cloudcar with lando lobot the ccp and the white guard. so i talked to my sister that helps me out and she bid on a loose bsg i found but then i found one that ended sooner with the blaster. i told her about it but through some sort of mix up she ended up getting both so now ill have 3 bsg :p
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    and now im eyeballing a bespin guard with a blaster just to have a complete one even if it measn i will have 4 guards (two of each)
    darkness rises and light to meet it!

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