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Thread: imperial gunner

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    imperial gunner

    how much would one of these on card but with yellow bubble and a few creases be? would it be sacrilege to free him from his prison and have it as a mint loose figure?

    Just to introduce my self, am Wilson by name an enthusiast of star wars figure and hope to get answers from this amazing forum. Thanks in advance!

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    will be worth about the same honestly--keep the coin in its bubble though
    free your gunner up if you want to display him as a minty loose one

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    Someone who needs him carded would probably trade you a loose complete one. I would keep it carded unless the bubble is cracked and yellowed. Put up a WTT ( wanted to trade) post here in the vintage classifieds section or join the POTF Facebook group. There are only so many carded ones left, loose are more plentiful but the weapons are drying up these days. Good luck!!

    Star Wars stuff is a horrible investment. Star Wars fans are always broke because all they buy is Ramen noodles, peanut butter and Kenny Baker autographs.

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    Welcome Wilson! The POTF Gunner is one of my favorites MOC in my collection- if you can find a nice one MOC go for it!

    The POTF card artwork with the included coin is the best vintage series MOC line IMO.

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