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Thread: wtb replacement parts for b wing

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    wtb replacement parts for b wing

    found some wing guns on ebay will update if theres anything new to report.

    i also would like the sticker sheet though i may be able to print that out myself
    im also interested in the 2010 atat or the 1997 potf atat as well for a reasonable price (under 100$)
    i hope this is the right place this forum is confusing.
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    This is the Disney Classifieds section...
    My Feedback: *Attention* My entire remaining ME SW (3.75 and 6 inch scale) collection is up for sale in the Classifieds section of this site. Stop by and pick something up. TVC Barge populace figures etc!

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    yeah it was a flub im getting more used to finding things now.. and with the mouse lording over star wars now its hard to make a notable distinction
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