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Thread: collection reduction

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    collection reduction

    I'm doing some collection reduction. I wanted to give local Illinois/Iowa the opportunity before I tried ebay. Most of what I'm going to be selling is loose. I've just got way too much for too little room and being disabled makes it difficult to set it all up with assistance, so I'm gonna be changing from hasbro to more premium stuff like sideshow and gentle giant, etc. AND keeping all my Vader/Anakin stuff.

    To start is there any interest in buying as a lot or seperately--these are what I'm starting with.


    POTF 1994 tie fighter-might include pilot, no extra charge.

    POTJ tie interceptor-comes with pilot, pretty sure it's in it.

    POTJ tie bomber-also has pilot in it I think.
    ---------------------------------------------- I'd prefer to ship all 3 together as a lot.. But at least $20 each I hope. Can always be used for customizing.---- NOTE also have a boxed TIE bomber. I'd have to double check which version...

    POTF 1994 X-wing-includes POTF Luke in pilot gear.

    POTF 1997 Y-wing-has pilot.

    POTF 1997 A-wing-has pilot in it.

    POTF 2001 B-wing--includes sulluston pilot.

    -------once again all LOOSE--- and prefer to sell as a group. Would maybe have to ship in 2 because b-wing is pretty large. $20 each.

    And that's the start. More to come and if this isn't allowed in this thread lemme know and I'll move it. Wanted to give you all dibs if you wanted cause I'd know it would be going to fans and collectors. I'm in Galesburg if anyone wants to come by and see what I have to offer.
    I shared on my facebook page too so if anything sells I'll note it here.

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    UPDATED list

    Here's the full vehicle list.

    Vehicle list of what I can think of and prices. All are 1994 or newer from POTF, POTJ, and other lines.
    All loose except for two.
    General Greivous Starfighter—30

    B-wing----35 can go for 30.
    Snowspeeder 1997 version with stringed tow cable and battery operated laser lights/sounds—25
    Crashed snowspeeder—blackish paint—no battery power---redesigned tow gun---25
    Imperial AT-AT 1997---50
    IMPERIAL AT-AT-MUCH larger redesigned—LOVE IT, I bought for 150 I think… ----will sell for 125… Comes with speeder bike that stores in compartment and a few snowtroopers, driver and commander.----------SOLD
    AT-ST chicken walker---20
    3 Speeder bikes, Luke, Leia, Trooper, would have to find luke/leia.—25 all 3
    tie fighter-20
    tie bomber-20
    tie interceptor-20
    Imperial Lambda Shuttle—TALL and good piece. --100--------------SOLD
    Boba Fett’s slave 1 1997 shadows of empire version—20
    Jango Fett’s slave 1--- first version, best version of slave 1 with these colors. --25---30
    Darth Maul’s sith infiltrator---only version ever made cool but coulda been better. ---25
    Queen Amidala’s starship---AWESOME if MIB would be worth way more, somewhat rare I never saw in stores. 125-130 could probably go for more I’m sure. 1 droid fighter comes with it-triggers interactive sounds…
    Ep 1 beautiful naboo Starfighter-25.
    Ep 1 droid fighters AKA vulture droids—20 for all, I’ve got a few.
    EP3 droid tri-fighter, comes with buzz droids---20
    EP 2 jedi fighter-25
    EP 3 V-WING-no pilot—25
    EP 3 Obi Wan’s Jedi Interceptor, includes ObiWan pilot—25
    ARC fighter ****** ship took forever to find originally-35—40
    AR fighter repaint with specially colored crew-2 pilots, 2 clone troopers and matching droid.---------------SOLD
    EP 3 Clone Barc speeder with clone-10
    EP 3 AT-RT—?---12.
    EP 3 AT-TE 6 legged walker—90,------------SOLD

    EP 3 turbo tank--- pretty damn cool, lots of hidden stuff. Comes with clone driver and barc speeder goes in compartment. -------SOLD
    EP 3 AT-AP 3 legged walker will include at-te gunner------------SOLD
    EP 1 droid AAT hover tank—version somewhat rare, will include droid commander and 1 droid—------------SOLD
    EP 3 corporate alliance tank droid-bigger than it looks can hold 2 droids inside and a couple outside-will include a droid.—25
    Lukes landspeeder 1994, missing windshield—5 bucks.
    EP 2 Zam Wessel’s speeder-10
    EP 2 yellow speeder Anakin used-10
    That’s MOST if not all vehicles……
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    Do you have any pics of the ships or are they already on EBAY?

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