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Thread: The Gifted, on FOX

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    I've tried with this show. I just cannot get into it. I've seen every episode and a friend works on it, but man...I'm tapping out. Something about it just doesn't click.
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    I understand what you guys are saying. I think the acting on The Gifted, Cloak & Dagger, and Runaways was good but not always compelling. I felt the same way with much of Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. Runaways might have been the truest to the comic. The Netflix shows just went too slow for me. They are now over (or are they? we'll see) and they didn't really get anywhere.

    The Gifted is different in that it goes into new ground really. The story being told is not a comic book story already unless I've missed it. It uses these powered mutants and gives them a new life... so yes it's melodramatic and depressive, but I see potential still. I hope it gets another season..
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    I've got a bunch of these sitting unwatched on the DVR. Don't know if I'll bother watching them. I think the show started off with promise, but it gotten kinda boring. The Struckers are boring and there is a lot less action going on now.

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    I barely couldn't get into Runaways either, it just wasn't compelling enough for me.

    What I think really hampers these Super Hero shows, is the melodrama. They make up for having less FX due to budget constraints, with too much drama.
    And high School drama at that.
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    Really enjoyed S02 of The Gifted - I thought it was much more intense than S01, and S01 was excellent as well.

    I thought it was especially interesting how the father (who hadn't displayed much - if any - mutant powers in S01) showed mutant abilities in S02. Also, in the context of the storyline this made perfect sense - given that both his children (the son & daughter) had strong mutant abilities. In S01, it wasn't evident that either parent had mutant abilities, so it was assumed thatt the ability had "skipped" a couple of generations - since the kids' great-grandfather & his sister had strong mutant abilities.

    And, the father's mutant powers allowed him to connect with his estranged son - as seen towards the end of S02.

    Also really impressed with the effects re: the other mutants, the dystopian storyline involving mutants being persecuted, etc.
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    Liked season 2 a lot more than season 1. The first season just seemed to be everybody taking turns getting captured by sentinel services and then escaping.

    The show really does need to tell us what the hell happened to the X-Men if they're going to keep referencing them. What happened that killed cyclops,wolverine,jean grey,magneto,etc but didn't take out the mutant underground characters?
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    It looks like this show has been cancelled. Kinda sad, but not surprising considering the merger.
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    Yep, I expect several changes. The writing was on the wall, especially after the Netflix Cancellations. The one I fear the change most of all is on Deadpool.
    Though TBH, the show was borderline.
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