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Thread: Star Wars Droid Factory R5-013, R2-C2, R5-S9 and R5-P8 (Clone Wars)

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    Star Wars Droid Factory R5-013, R2-C2, R5-S9 and R5-P8 (Clone Wars)

    I'm not a Star Wars Droid Factory collector, but I saw that they were releasing R5-013, R2-C2, R5-S9 and R5-P8 in a Clone Wars themed set, so I'm curious if any other CW focused sets exist, as its one of my favorite SW eras to collect. Likewise, what is the pricepoint for this set at Disney?

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    If referring to. then this was released back in spring and is the only cw themed one so far. A D-squad set would be neat as,well

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    $30 in parks.

    The Disney store at
    Orlando International Premium Outlets, 4951 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

    Had the R1 set for $15. Now that the BB-8 set is out I think this one will soon go on clearance.

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    Ok cool, I ordered one on ebay for $22 shipped, which I figured was a good deal, at only $5.50 per figure. I haven't received it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping I don't feel the urge to buy more, because I know dozens of Disney BADs exist, and I cant imagine tracking them all down!

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    What this set said to me was that you don't need a specific mold to release multiple Droids with only one having the bar/drinks.
    Which makes the EE set an even BIGGER slap in the face!

    I agree that we do need a D-Squad set!
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    True, although I would say that the drinks tray that comes in this set is too big by quite a margin. I swapped mine for the version that came with the Hasbro R2 mold (the one none of us are crazy about and which Hasbro used for the EE set MF refers to), having scored a bunch of them relatively cheaply a few years ago. It fit just fine despite that R2 sculpt being slightly smaller than the BAD version, and in my opinion looks much better.

    Ditto on D Squad. That was what Mr Pawlus originally pitched/asked for when developing the EE set, from what I understand, but he was turned down.
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    Well, I hope the poor performance of that set teaches them a lesson in listening to someone's 1st instinct.

    I know Hasbro isn't out anything, they already got their Money. It's EE who is on the hook for all the unsold units. But perhaps it might tell Hasbro people are looking for something a little different than their cookie cutter molds.
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    Forgot to bump this thread after i opened it, what a fantastic set this turned out to be. I like the diverse droid selection as well - one from the Senate, Jedi Temple, pirates, and Hutt crime syndicate. Makes me miss the CW line - I wish Disney would expand beyond droids.

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    I finally got this pack for Christmas and as an astromech collector, I really loved it. I hope we see more in the future. My only real disappointment was finding out that R5-S9's dome is a shade of baby blue rather than being white like I thought it was. I had planned to try to get an extra copy of the droid and swap it's dome onto another body but the blue coloration of the dome makes it not really fit in with any other pieces.

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