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Thread: Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious Anthology Film?

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    Yeah earth names should never be used, right? I get what ur saying, but at some level could there not be a rose-like flower in another galaxy? And while their name for it may be different. It would still translate to Rose for the English speaking audience. Yes?

    Same goes for Luke.

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    I would love to see more about his fall to the dark side and his killing of plagueis.
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    This could be so exciting, watching a coward sneak up and slit a sleeping persons throat...
    That's the part of him I find unappealing. From his actions in ROTS against several Jedi, this guy needed to kill a sleeping person?

    yes, I get why he might have needed to do it that way. But it still feels/takes away from his bad*** character in ROTS.
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    Luke is a phonetic riff on "Luck" -- the way E-wook is a phonetic riff on wook-E. (where "wookiees" are super-tall; ewoks are super-short; etc).

    by the same token : Luke is the opposite of "Luck" (because: in Ben's Experience, there's no such thing as Luck).

    the Han Solo character is all about 'luck' -- he hangs "dice" on the nav-computer in the MF; Luke's character is the opposite of 'Luck' -- be believes in 'destiny' instead.

    hence the name.


    as for rose.. "a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet", basically..

    they should have called her "plombloom" instead. (or whatever that codebreaker was wearing on his jacket).

    ie: they invented a 'flower-name' for the purpose of the codebreaker character.. why not call this a "lily" or a "carnation" on his jacket..? (oh yeah: because earth species don't exist in SW -- that would ruin the Fantasy).

    --> the question becomes: why did they MAKE UP a new flower-name for a "Flower" in SW , but use an existing 'flower name' for a girl?

    her very name takes us OUT of the galaxy far away.. by referencing a species which is native to Earth. that's a can of worms.

    if Earth-Species exist in SW now (like 'roses' obviously do)..

    ..then why not just have actual "Horses", on Canto Bite? why not depict that scene with ACTUAL "horses" on screen, instead of CGI alien creatures?

    and/or, why not just CALL those CGI-things "horses" using the english word? why did they have to 'make up' a name for the SW-Version-of-Horses? when there's a perfectly good word in "English" they could use?

    (oh yeah: because 'horses' don't exist in SW -- they are native to Earth -- so why do "roses" exist then? it's a can of worms, they shouldn't have opened).

    it's not really the same us using an 'earth name' (like Ben or Bob or Luke)..

    "rose" is an 'earth SPECIES' -- not just an earth-name.

    (I'm reminded of the line in the SW novel, where Luke asks Ben "...what's a duck"? --> this moment STILL sticks in my mind,

    it took me OUT of the story, and took me 'back to earth', if only for a moment -- it ruined the Fantasy)
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    I hate the way people have started calling him Sheev. It's stupid. Why does he need to be "Sheev Palpatine" all of a sudden?
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    Yeah, I seriously doubt Vader ever when up to him and said "hey Sheev want go for drinks tonight?". I get that giving a character a name personalizes them, but this isn't someone you get chummy with. He's either Palpatine or Emperor.
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    On the subject of Palpatine's first name, in Plagueis he covered up his first name as much as possible when it came to his political life and said he was just going by his family's name. So something I feel carried over between novels since Plagueis was published so close to the change over and Luceno wrote both novels. That said, I've yet to read to read Tarkin, so that could be wrong or even half-right and that's where he was given the first name if memory serves. The name of "Sheev" doesn't really bother me honestly. He would have been given it to him by his family, his family wouldn't know who/what he would become. Sure it's weird, Star Wars weird, but that's neither here nor there. At first it bugged me because it was new and then after a while I became okay with it and ran with it. I saw fanon circles giving him the name of "Cos" or "Cosigna" (which I noticed got borrowed for his father by Luceno in Plagueis) and I am utterly indifferent to either of those myself. If it is one thing I know, people dislike change and too much of it at once causes people to get uppity about it. Just gotta keep your attention on that initial feeling the fictional work gave you. Outside of Star Wars, I'm a Jurassic Park fan. The third one sucked (IMO the plot was way too simplistic and the series became too much of a popcorn thrill ride). If you ask me, I'll tell you the first two were great to me, and the fourth wise a nice nostalgia flick that harkens back to those days. My dislike of the third one could have very well ruined the franchise for me seeing how I read both novels when I was very young and saw JP in theaters when I was 8 years old. In fact for a while, I was quite embittered, so after a couple years of that. I put it all in stasis, ran and howled at the moon or whatever, found it within me why I loved it in the first place and found my way back to it again to be on good terms with it like I was before the third film. Plus the fandom being as toxic as it was for me, put a serious crimp on things too.

    So I acknowledge I'm not going to enjoy aspects of the new canon like I didn't like aspects of the old canon and even like how I didn't read into enjoying JP3. For a more relatable comparison of something I didn't enjoy that was Star Wars related was the first NJO novel and before that, Darksaber. Anybody ever read Darksaber? I disliked it. I wouldn't say I despised it, because it is just a story and not like someone that held my family hostage. So it's not quite meriting that kind of hatred, but it just felt it was too different and too much of an off thing. That's not to say anybody needs to hop on that bandwagon with me, and honestly there were parts I found kind of cool like with Daala and Paelleon. I was a teenager though when I picked it up. In the new stuff? Again, I am okay so far with everything, they have a blank canvas and hopefully learned from the past. So I am hoping they can use it as a road map of sorts of what to avoid, or what to focus on. I don't hate the new canon, I don't hate the prequels, I really don't hate anything about SW. I can look at the criticisms and agree/disagree with whatever, but ultimately I can still enjoy it. The minute I don't anymore? I'll put it down and focus on something else that brings me joy for a bit until I find it within me to go back to it. Life is too damn short to be sitting there in misery all the time. It also depends on what kind of person you are too.
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