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Thread: Non Star Wars Funko POP!

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    Anyone grab the Dino 4 pack this morning?
    1993 1999 2013 GO NOLES!!

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    Definitely not. But I’m super psyched about the announcement of a 13th Doctor Pop and Rock Candy.
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    Anybody got an extra Hot Cash $15 off $30 they don’t want? I thought I had a couple but can’t find em.
    1993 1999 2013 GO NOLES!!

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    Keep missing out on the restocks for the Walmart exclusive Ghost from Ant-man.

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    Box Lunch Flocked Orange Scooby Doo is Live:
    James Earl Jones: "I've one thing to say to people like you...I like Star Wars too!"

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    What's on everyone's SDCC Wishlist? Mine:

    Star Wars – Clone Wars – Cad Bane – Hot Topic
    Star Wars – Solo – Imperial Stormtrooper - Amazon
    Looney Tunes – Pepe Le Pew – Barnes & Noble
    Looney Tunes – Playboy Penguin - Entertainment Earth
    Hanna Barbera – Captain Caveman - Walgreens
    Stranger Things – Dustin at Snow Ball - Gamestop
    Stranger Things – Billy & Karen Wheeler – Barnes & Noble
    Heavy Metal - Taarna - Toy Tokyo
    Ad Icons – Crunchberry Beast
    Ad Icons – Vynl – Yummy Mummy & Fruit Brute

    Only ones I suspect I'll have a hard time with are the Ad Icons and Taarna.
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    Star Wars - Cad Bane
    Star Wars - Imperial Trooper (preordered)
    Incredibles - Jack Jack as Edna (preordered)
    Stranger Things - Dustin at Snow Ball
    Stranger Things - Billy & Karen

    Marvel - Iron Man (mark I)

    Kid in me would love The Banana Split pops but the chances of getting each one from Funko Shop is next to nothing. If I was not trying to stick to a budget Captain Caveman would be fun also, especially if flocked.

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    Going light this year.

    Cad Bane
    Red Hood
    Moaning Myrtle
    Stormtrooper (still undecided on this since I already have a bunch of troopers)

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