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Thread: Disney Parks Droid Factory - The Last Jedi 2-Pack

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    Disney Parks Droid Factory - The Last Jedi 2-Pack

    Since I can, I'll start a thread for this specifically so it doesn't get lost in the BAD Parts thread.

    The droids are R4-X2 and Y5-X2, and apparently appear in The Last Jedi. This set seems to be out now at Disney parks.
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    Back door huh? Good idea.

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    I got mine today.

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    Great to have a dedicated thread for these guys. Thanks.

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    whats retail pricing on this one?
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    Here are a few that were posted in other threads.

    Quote Originally Posted by ReverendStrone View Post
    with thanks to my_kind_of_scum for posting it in the Disney subforum ... new Disney 3.75" droids!

    The two pack droids are both based on a UK R2 Builders R2-X2 droid build by Brad Oakley, if my info is correct. I believe he designed alternate R4 and R5 heads for his droid. Now his droid/s have made it into the film, into canon, and become toys! If I was that guy I would be on Cloud 9. Imagine being a SW fan and doing this for love and fun, only for it to be elevated to this level of canonicity and exposure. I think he did a really nice job with his dome designs. They have a great 70s aesthetic to the paint schemes. And as a fan, it's great to see more diversity in the droid ranks. Better that than have the same background droids keep popping up in all of the films, regardless of era.

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    Shame that the codies are exactly the same when the droids are assembled.
    When you take the heads off the top parts are different shades of grey though, so they can be differentiated if required.
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    Well, they're definitely not winning an award for original thinking. Or unique looking. But they are neat in their own way, and I plan to get them. Though part of me is hesitant, thinking they can just lazily plop anything together an we'll buy it. That's something I'd expect from Hasbro. But when we're dealing with "Exclusivity" I'd expect something that stands out as unique. If this were simply a droid from th bins you build yourself, I can let it slide. But when they specifically package it up as a Specific Droid, something to set it apart is required. And not just a mini Rebel insignia on the dome. lol

    I mean how close was R4-X2 to M5-BZ? Which also could have included Gascon. And packed with U9-C4.
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    Naaaah! Their origin comes from R2-X2, as mentioned above. There's plenty of opportunity for a Delta Squadron 4 pack in the future, eh Disney?
    These ARE the droids we're looking for!

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