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Thread: Will Funko ever make a Yak Face??

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    Will Funko ever make a Yak Face??

    Does anyone know if Funko have plans to make a POP Vinyl of Yak Face? I think they've made every other character so far. They could even do a chase version holding a Vibro Staff.

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    I wouldn’t say anytime soon. I’m sure Funko has their plate full with The Mandolorian and The Last Skywalker this fall/winter, but you never know.

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    Too many chromes need to be done
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    I'd say your chances of a Yak Face POP are highest with some kind of angle attached. Maybe in a Loot Box of some sort, an exclusive multi-pack or in the Specialty Series. That's how characters like Oola, Max Rebo and Klaatu managed to get POPitized. There are so, so many of Jabba's thugs and throwbacks that I would love to see in POP form: Tessek, Ephant Mon, Amanaman, Hermi Odle, Brock Starsher, Pote Snitkin Yak Face, Ishi Tib; just to name a few. But as previously mentioned; with new media/material just around the corner; I'd say it's a forgone conclusion that OT POPS will be relegated to the back burner for the time being.
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    I need a Malakili (rancor Keeper) pop. That is literally the ONLY pop figure I will buy.
    Although, I am surprised they haven't done a Yak Face. I thought only Malakili hasn't gotten any love, now I know there are other characters that haven't seen the light of day yet either.
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