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Thread: Recent Acquisitions

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    Picked up the Wedge/Snowspeeder today. Surprised to see him at a store I recently just checked (Elmhurst, IL). Saw the Bespin Movie moment too, but wasn't sold on it.
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    I haven't seen the Wedge yet but did find the duel set and grabbed it. Also saw the Praetorian Guards but left both...on the other hand where the hell is the 6" Black Series Obi Ghost? Been looking for days for that and nothing still.

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    Correct forum: Already received my Walgreens order of SW Medical Droid, Deadpool Duck and Valkyrie. I would love to have all shipments arrive one day after ordering. Being close to the distribution hub is a godsent.
    James Earl Jones: "I've one thing to say to people like you...I like Star Wars too!"

    The Big Bang Theory-Season 7, Episode 14

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    Received the BN Death Star Droid and Saw today. Was not going to sweat it if I missed out on these but they are much nicer out of box than I thought they would be. Odd calling the Droid 'white' but the chrome is well done.

    Still waiting on 21-B.

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    In addition to 2-1B my Dengar and K2 arrived from Amazon. Disappointed the blaster damage is not more obvious on K2 but otherwise a nice pop.

    Love the Dengar, already have have him in my bounty hunter lineup from ESB. Unfortunately he barely stays standing upright on the pedestal pegs. Any good pop tips for the best way to stabilize him? Only had this problem before with thin legged (usually female) pops when taken off the star wars base.

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    My Dengar arrived as well and I'm very happy in the condition it arrived (love when they use those mini boxes that serve as protectors). Also received my opener white white DSD today.

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    Went to Walmart to pickup my Ewok 3-Pack. This is one of my favorite sets right now. If all pops were this impressive, we would all be wanting them.

    Update: Also received my Dengar and K-2SO NYCC pops.
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    James Earl Jones: "I've one thing to say to people like you...I like Star Wars too!"

    The Big Bang Theory-Season 7, Episode 14

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    Got my Dengar and K2SO in and it was in a good sized box and no packing material whatsoever. Both were in good shape.
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    Picked up my ewoks from Walmart. Not that Funko is hurting for business these days but if they put this much attention to detail in all their pop designs they would rope in even more Stars Wars collectors. These are phenomenal.

    On the way home from Walmart I ran into the new Star Wars display at Walgreens. The Wedge snowspeeder is decent. Its nice having a well done pop ride outside the core characters. Seeing the Bespin scene affirmed my initial thoughts. It is good for the price point but I may only commit to iconic scenes that I cannot already display very well with existing pops. Looking forward to Cantina Faceoff and Trash Compactor Escape but I am weary of Funko going overboard with this concept.

    The older woman at the Walgreens checkout said they have been getting calls nonstop all week about when they would have the new Star Wars display, mostly about the new pops. Is it really that common? I would feel strange doing that. I must have gotten lucky going there when I did, the display was completely untouched. Side note, the Star Wars display had at least 10 of the new Spirit Obi-Wan.
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    Still haven't found that Spirit Obi and I've been looking everywhere. Doesn't seem like it's hit the south east yet though.

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