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Thread: Xm Studios Star Wars statues

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    P1 said in their Chat that Darth Maul is shipping in Jan.

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    In a new Chat video Bryan Tan sttaed that they are working on EU pieces

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    Looking forward to seeing some photos.

    I'd very much like to see what EU characters will be produced. My money will be on Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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    Thrawn would be my first thought. No statues made of him and that's crime

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    He said they have many in the works so what pieces other than Thrawn would anyone think they would make
    Darth M.
    Darth R.
    Darth B.
    Mara Jade

    SSC should have spent a year or so and made Thrawn, Mara Jade and some others 10 years ago.
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