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Thread: Anyone still here

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    Anyone still here

    I haven't been in here in years. Anyone still around?

    My search for a 3.75" Luke around here has been much like the opening crawl of "The Force Awakens": Luke Skywalker is missing.

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    Not in Lexington but close by .Hoping to see more Resistance figures.

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    Anybody found Wal-Mart exclusive Mimbian Trooper yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by r2d6kelly View Post
    Anybody found Wal-Mart exclusive Mimbian Trooper yet?
    I found a whole case of 3.75" TVC Mimban Stormtroopers down in Bowling Green (by the Greenwood Mall) a couple of weeks ago. That's the best I can offer from KY!
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    WTB: SSC PF Asajj Ventress (EE) & Asajj vs. Anakin Diorama (EE)

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    Good and Rats at sane time. Good that there's hope for my area but bad because I haven't got one yet.

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    Found Rogue one figures locally here outside Louisville. Only a buck at Dollar Tree. More coming to rest of local stores in area. Also getting in Justice League figures too.

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    Rogue one figures hitting Louisville dollar tree shelves but going fast.

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    Seeing a few figures at Tuesday morning stores.

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    Found cool super heroes hot wheels at dollar tree in Louisville.

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    Anyone here from KSWCC early 2000’s???

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