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Thread: 4 Pack - Rey, Luke, Rose & FO Stormtrooper Officer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echo_Six View Post
    Saw a stack of these at a DD's Discount in National City for $6.99 a few days ago.
    Yet still overpriced...

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    Yep. Spent a couple of minutes looking at one trying to figure out if there was any decent custom fodder but couldn't think of anything. I suppose someone could make an SA First Order Stormtrooper officer with the harness, but that isn't relevant to my interests.

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    If I saw this set for 7 bucks, I'd buy for the FO officer. I've already got one but a trooper is a trooper.

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    I checked Kohl's the other day, to see what's going on, and this set is marked down by like ten dollars. But the price is still close to $30. Yikes!
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