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Thread: Master Replicas Group Inc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imperial1973 View Post
    Just signed for their news letter..
    Crossing my fingers they start producing some great Star Wars replica's..
    Hoping for the same...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JodaJavis View Post
    It'll be interesting to watch the value of the old MR products impacted by this announcement and if they start making SW products again. Could see a significant drop in the market value for those old MR items which will help the community. Or it could Drive them up higher if the quality of the products isn't the same. Very interesting...
    They state clearly they are collectors themselves and own their own collections. They also state they are going to be creating new props we have not seen before. I take this as meaning they are going to be producing new things, not just go on a mission of re-hashing everything MR has released before. This will be the best outcome for all collectors, stabilize and grow the community instead of trying to crash it by cannibalizing the existing MR collections and creating ill will with their already best and proven customers going forward. A joint venture of both Star Wars and Star Trek with an already large established company sounds like Anovos as first guess, or QMX as a second guess.
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    Fingers doublecrossed for ( yet another ) chance for continuing my favourite scaled lightsabers collection as eFX never came up with them as announced some years ago

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    It's a trap!

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    I loved when I started collecting getting MR stuff then within 2 years MR no longer made Star Wars replicas, shocked how long it's been.

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    Well from the sounds of it it'll be years before they get a SW replica out.
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    They will gain respect when they start churning out on a regular basis Star Wars props of decent quality and reasonable price. Kind of like what MR was doing before they stopped.
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    Life or Death? Star Wars collecting is much more serious than that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scimitar View Post
    Didn't a website like this pop up a year or two ago and then suddenly just disappear? Don't get me wrong, I would love to see them come back and especially with Star Wars props, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much yet.
    ^ This. They need to prove they are able to make nice props in a timely manner, with a decent customer service and communication, respect for all collectors, including international ones, before our trust should go to any of these companies anymore. We trusted others and look where we are now. I really hope this will be good news and not just some bait.
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    original staff?

    (got Amy?)

    "with a decent customer service and communication" (this)
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