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Thread: Master Replicas Group Inc.

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    Master Replicas Group Inc.

    So, ten years later we start over. How does the community feel about this?

    I am a collector that asked for the old Master Replicas to return. I feel a bit cautious though... Careful what you wish for? I see Steve Dymszo here, bring out the HAL-9000 that was released with his artifactory replicas company.
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    Always looking for more Yodas in great condition no matter the completeness! Also Amanaman's staff!!!!


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    It'll be interesting to watch the value of the old MR products impacted by this announcement and if they start making SW products again. Could see a significant drop in the market value for those old MR items which will help the community. Or it could Drive them up higher if the quality of the products isn't the same. Very interesting...

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    This brings back memories. It will be interesting to see what they develop in the long run.
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    Although I own many MR SW items, I hope the new company will produce SW prop replicas.
    I can't imagine that any new operation will be worse than EFX

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    I'm excited about this news.. bring back high quality Star Wars replicas..

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    Didn't a website like this pop up a year or two ago and then suddenly just disappear? Don't get me wrong, I would love to see them come back and especially with Star Wars props, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much yet.
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    With all the crazy and bad news recently, this has brought a smile back to my face

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    This awesome..
    My wallet hasn't recovered from some of the eBay price I have been paying for original MR items..
    I hope they start to produce some awesome replicas.. Like somebody stated before.. I can't get any worse than what we have to deal with EFX..
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    Just signed for their news letter..
    Crossing my fingers they start producing some great Star Wars replica's..

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