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Thread: Darth Malgus, Darth Revan, Padme, Deathtrooper, Shadow Guard and more ...

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    Lightbulb Darth Malgus, Darth Revan, Padme, Deathtrooper, Shadow Guard and more ...

    Rememember this when trading or selling:

    If you succeed in cheating someone,
    don't think that person is a fool.
    Realize that person trusted you
    much more than you deserved.

    ************************************************** *********

    Warning: I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone with zero feedback, zero posts and/or just signed up to send PMs about wanting to buy an item. I apologize if this hurts honest buyers, but it has come to my attention there are a few less than welcoming people having too much time on their hands who like to play hide and seek games. Furthermore, retracting from a deal at the last minute, after agreeing to purchase an item, and asking to have it packed and taken to the post office for shipping fees, will result in negative feedback left in the Bad Traders thread. If trading an item for an item and you have zero feedback, you get to ship your item first. With all this in mind, let's play nice and enjoy a hassle-free transaction. Thank you for your understanding.

    * F.Y. I
    (CONDITION): All items are as described. Not responsible for how the carrier handles the boxes. I pack well so there shouldn't be an issue. Insurance could be added if you request it and pay for it. All items include original presentation box, inner trays and Certificate of Authenticity (c.o.a.)

    * F.Y.I (SHIPPING FEE): Prices do not include shipping, unless noted. Shipping charge will be exact. This will be determined according to size and weight of the parcel by either the Post Office or UPS store, depending on the carrier you select. I will not offer approximates on shipping. When listed, shipping fees and/or free shipping a
    pplies only to addresses within the continental U. S. A. If you are outside the country, exact shipping, determined by the Post Office will be charged.

    * F. Y. I (PAYMENT DELAY) : Payment is required within 24 hours after asking to purchase an item and receiving totals. I track messages thus I know when they've been read. If you cannot meet this requirement, feel free to PM me within such time period to let me know. I could hold the item then for another 24 hours. If payment is not received after the extra 24 hours, the item (s) will be made available to the next person that made a request.

    * F. Y. I (ACCEPTED PAYMENTS): Personal check, Money Order and Paypal. If using Paypal, please notice their fee will be added to the grand total to be paid if choosing to send your payment for "Goods". There's no Paypal fee if choosing their "Friends/Family" option.

    ************************************************** *********

    Hi, I have pretty much every Expanded Universe mini bust made by Gentle Giant. All of them are in perfect condition with their boxes, inner packaging and COAs.

    - Individual pictures can be provided upon request once agreeing to make a purchase.

    Airborne Commander
    (2010 Exclusive)
    Concept Lucasfilm Archives 90.00
    Clone Commander Cody
    (Happy Holidays 2008)
    The Clone Wars 80.00
    Darth Malgus The Old Republic Video Game 120.00
    Darth Revan Knights of the Old Republic 120.00
    Darth Vader The Force Unleashed. 80.00
    Death Trooper
    (2010 Gentle Giant Web Exclusive)
    Comes with blaster and removable
    parts to expose his rotten skin
    Stormtrooper Commander
    (2010 Exclusive)
    The Force Unleashed 70.00
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (General) The Clone Wars 85.00
    Padme Amidala Snow Bunny
    (2010 PGM Exclusive)
    The Clone Wars 140.00
    Shadow Guard
    (2010 PGM Exclusive) *some box wear
    The Force Unleashed 110.00
    McQuarrie Concept Han Solo (Celebration Exclusive) McQuarrie Concept Design 80.00
    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// ////////
    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// ////////
    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// ////////
    Ahsoka Tano PGM bust (The Clone Wars Animated Series) SOLD 375
    Clone Commander Faie
    (2010 PGM Gift with two different heads to swap)
    SOLD 115
    Shae Vizla SOLD 95
    Darth Talon SOLD 140
    Darth Malak SOLD 145
    Darth Nihilus SOLD 115
    BLACKHOLE Stormtrooper (Japan Exclusive) SOLD 325
    GOLD Stormtrooper (2010 Exclusive) SOLD 145
    SILVER Stormtrooper ( U.K Exclusive) SOLD 95
    Imperial Storm Commando ( PG Exclusive) SOLD 80
    CHROME C3-PO ( Exclusive ) SOLD 70
    CHROME Darth Vader ( Exclusive ) SOLD 75
    CHROME Boba Fett (Armless) SOLD 80
    Darth Maul ( Shirtless ) SOLD 195
    Grand Admiral Thrawn SOLD 250
    Starkiller 2-pack: Ultimate Good & Ultimate Evil Apprentice
    (2010 AFX Exclusive)
    SOLD 170
    Mara Jade
    (2006 GenCon Exclusive)
    SOLD 140
    Clone Captain Rex
    (2009 Collector's Club Gift)
    SOLD 90

    * Other mini Busts, Statues and maquettes for sale can be found at this link
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    Update: Mini busts are pending payment
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    Update: Payment was received, items were sent, and Tracking Number was provided to the buyer today, within 24 hrs after receiving his payment, as per my sales policy. More Expanded Universe mini busts will be posted once the buyer for these two items has received his parcel, approximately six days from now.
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    Update: Calrissian19 received the Darth Malak and Darth Nihius mini busts items prior to the expected delivery date. Transaction has been completed.
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    Update: Listing, prices and pictures have been added.
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    Update: The Admiral Thrawn mini bust is now pending payment from Darth Phlegethon
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    Update: The Admiral Thrawn mini bust has now been Sold and Delivered to the buyer.
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    It's a bump!
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    Taking it to the top.
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    Perfect condition mini busts . No game playing.
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