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Thread: Darth Malgus, Darth Revan, Padme, Deathtrooper, Shadow Guard and more ...

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    A very happy new year bump!
    Sith Apprentice

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    Revised listing with sold items, and available ones. Clear pictures can be provided for any mini bust you are interested in.
    Sith Apprentice

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    Up to the top!
    Sith Apprentice

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    Perfect condition mini busts listed on first page. Guaranteed!
    Sith Apprentice

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    Great looking pieces, boys. They'll look great in your collection.
    Sith Apprentice

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    Let's give it the weekly bump.
    Sith Apprentice

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    First of the month bump.
    Sith Apprentice

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    Giving this one a little bump. Bump!
    Sith Apprentice

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    Great looking EU mini busts in brand new condition. You'd be buying directly from a collector that has cared for them with lots of love. Why go to eBay?
    Sith Apprentice

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    Darth Talon has been sold and received by the buyer. Another perfectly cared for mini bust sold. All others on my list are still available
    Sith Apprentice

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