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    i havent figured out ships yet. i think it is more important to gear up the pilots over the ship itself. however, the pilots i have are all terrible, so my ships are terrible.

    the big ships are needed to do the main quests, so i think they are more important
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    There does seem to be a benefit of increasing the CP of the pilots. I am finally making progress, but it feels much slower than on the human combats.

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    I've been obsessed with this game recently. This is my current roster of high level heroes. I'm working on getting the First Order all up to 7* now that I have Phoenix Squad maxed (minus Sabine because I seem to use Chopper more). Next I'll work on Empire since I'll be able to 7* Thrawn and Emperor Palpatine by the next time those events come around. I'm also kind of concentrating on some Sith heroes when I have extra resources to spend. I unlocked Maul and Sidious this week.

    For ships I only really concentrated on Ghost, Kylo Ren TIE Silencer, Phantom II and First Order TIE Fighter because my pilots for those ships are high level. Tarkin is the flagship I use. The ship stuff kind of sucks in my opinion.

    I like this game - haven't spent a dime yet.

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    lately??? How long have you been grinding?

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    Since March of this year. March 25th to be exact cause I remember now that I actually did some buy something in game when I first started (and I just checked my PayPal history). I wanted to have Han Solo (Hoth) so I bought whatever the pack was that had that character. I didn't realize at the time that it only got you a few shards or whatever. I ended up with like 5 shards and some ability thingies. Since that time I haven't bought anything because it's obviously a rip off.
    Quote Originally Posted by SacredKnight View Post
    lately??? How long have you been grinding?

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    wow, you've been at it. I've been playing irregularly for a few months, but I'm nowhere near your level.
    my squad on the 14th:
    Star Wars squad on 2018-08-14 by Tsak Knight, on Flickr
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    If I were you (and this is just my opinion) I'd focus on a squad with really good synergy and max them out. It makes lot of stuff easier. That way you can jump into some of the raids and get better gear.

    For me I focused squarely on Phoenix Squad to start. Hera's leader ability makes it a very formidable squad with great synergy. You can basically auto through the Galactic War stuff and you need Rebels for Emperor Palpatine shards. Also the only way to obtain Thrawn is with a max Phoenix Squad.

    If you grind for Hera and Ezra in the Cantina nodes you are basically buying Chopper at the same time. You get those Cantina credits to spend in the store. Kannan and Zeb are easily obtained as well. Zeb you buy from the Galactic War credits and Kannan from the Squad store (the PvP credits). If you just do the dailies for those you should start accumulating enough credits to start buying them in a single day.

    As soon as I had Hera maxed I started on my First Order squad. Grinding for Unmasked Kylo on the Cantina node gets you his shards, his ship shards AND Cantina credits for the First Order Officer. Regular Kylo can be obtained the same way and again you are basically buying the Officer as you grind. Both the Stormtrooper and TIE Pilot come from hard mode nodes (one light and one dark for each) so they can be obtained somewhat easily. Phasma can be bought with Galactic War nodes As soon as I maxed Zeb I started on Phasma which in hindsight was a mistake - Phasma kind of sucks and is not needed for a good FO squad.

    My Empire team is forming on accident basically. Having high level Rebels allowed me to get Thrawn and Palpatine and the game basically gives you Vader and Tarkin.

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    synergy? I am clueless on what that is or how to get it.
    currently i am farming starship crew: Kylo, Hera's crew, and etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SacredKnight View Post
    synergy? I am clueless on what that is or how to get it.
    currently i am farming starship crew: Kylo, Hera's crew, and etc.
    The leader abilities and common squad members all compliment each other. So for example here is Hera's leader ability:

    The text kind of got cut off but basically having Hera in the leader spot causes all the rest of the Phoenix Squad member to be able to share each others abilities. Hera's leader ability on any other squad is worthless and having Hera as just a member of another squad is kinda worthless cause she isn't that strong of character WITHOUT the rest of Phoenix Squad. Having the whole full squad creates a synergy. Chopper also has some abilities that benefit other Phoenix Squad members. While Ezra and Kanan could also serve as good characters in a Jedi centric squad (with a leader like Bastila who buffs Jedi) they are best served as part of Phoenix Squad.

    Now here is Unmasked Kylo Ren leader ability:

    Notice how it specifically calls out First Order characters as the ones that benefit from his leader ability. So having other First Order characters (some of which also have specific abilities that have positive effects on First Order characters only) along with Kylo as leader creates a synergy.

    A character like Emperor Palpatine has a leader ability that benefits both Sith AND Empire characters so he is versatile and can be used effectively in a few different squad configurations (a Sith squad with Vader, Maul, Dooku etc OR an Empire squad with Vader, Stormtrooper, Tarkin etc).

    By looking at the screenshot you posted above you can go down a few paths to put together a strong squad that will give you opportunity to get some higher level characters and have multiple viable squads for all the game modes. You already have Hera (who is not really easy to obtain AND has the Phoenix Squad leader ability) so you're off to a good start if you want to build out the that team. Phoenix is absolutely necessary if you want to get Thrawn (who is one of the best characters in the game) they are also great for Emperor Palpatine because you need either Rebels or Jedi characters to win him.

    You can also get an Empire squad going. Vader, Tarkin, maybe Royal Guard. The Magmatrooper is easy to get. You'll have a decent synergy team that won't be super viable as you get higher in level but it could be a good starter team. Eventually if you want a top Empire team you'll need Thrawn, Palpatine etc which means Phoenix is necessary.

    Just some suggestions. - really I think it's all about having a team of characters you like. It's only a game after all.

    Edit: apologies for spelling and grammar errors. I'm on my mobile.
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    This is a very fun game; I play it daily. Obtained Aurra Sing this morning. Glad to see her come to the game (glad to see any/all new characters, really) but I wish they would release Zuckuss and 4-LOM to round out the last of the Sinister Six; plus they could then bring the Mist Hunter to ships as well.
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