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Thread: Canto Bight Police Speeder

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    Canto Bight Police Speeder

    Canto Bight police vehicle found...
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    Quote Originally Posted by my_kind_of_scum View Post
    Canto Bight police vehicle found...

    not real sure about the design. Hopefully Finn doesn't get pulled over

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    That figure is straight out of Clone Wars. Nice to see an original vehicle - everything else so far has been a gratuitous rehash.
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    There's not really much to it honestly, the troopers uniform from the set are pretty sweet looking so I'll pick this up for the figure if the figure doesn't get released separately.

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    Very reminiscent of Mandalorian design. Looks cool... but $30 cool?

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    If young Captain Kirk was chased by one of these, maybe he'd consider pulling over (maybe not).

    Anyway, it certainly looks a bit different since it doesn't look like some future Earth police bike for a change.
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    I see I'm not the only one who thinks that this officer looks a lot like those Mandalorian police from the Clone Wars. It's a neat-looking vehicle, but I'm going to hold off on buying it until I see what becomes of it in the movie. I still regret picking up that First Order snow speeder on Force Friday.
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    But will this even be in the movie....not going for anything like this until after the movie comes out....
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    It is just a stupid way to save on packaging....this is gonna cost a lot. People are not dumb. They will wait for stuff like this to be on clearance. It will upset toys stores because their profit margin will be less high and down the road will order less because to them it's not a sound financial risk in the long run.

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    So is this from TLJ or Rebels? Looks like the latter. Not a bf fan of the design, but it's kind of neat looking in a sense. Seems a bit too vulnerable though. The Pilot looks cool. Not likely to purchase this though.
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