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Thread: Canto Bight Police Speeder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    So is this from TLJ or Rebels? Looks like the latter. Not a bf fan of the design, but it's kind of neat looking in a sense. Seems a bit too vulnerable though. The Pilot looks cool. Not likely to purchase this though.
    Heh, probably not any more vulnerable than other speeder bikes. This is from TLJ btw. Or at least it's for the Canto Bight planet. Who knows if it will actually be used in an action scene or not. Might just end up like the First Order Snowspeedre or the Jakku Speeder thing and be scene briefly in the background.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RhyYees View Post
    I see I'm not the only one who thinks that this officer looks a lot like those Mandalorian police from the Clone Wars.
    LOL, I can even picture the pikes on the speeder rotating upward in landing mode like typical Mandorian vehicles, but it doesn't seem to be that way...oh well, too bad.

    I'd be interested to see what the (upcoming) Cross-Sections book has to offer on what practical use the pikes on the speeder are for other than sirens.
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    Not feeling the design of this thing. Looks....over-designed, for lack of a better term. I'm ok with the portion that looks like a fusion between a speeder bike and a STAP, but then the design loses me completely with the stripped down TIE Interceptor wings. Oh, well. Canto is looking to be the cliched, obligatory cantina-esque sequence anyways, so I'll probably pass on anything having to do with that whole part of the movie. Well, maybe not the giant cat-horse, heh.

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    Canto is supposed to be this upper society class planet so maybe there's either little crime there and/or the police aren't as intimidating looking. I suppose their role there is to maintain a certain level of peace/security on that world and to make sure it stays that way.
    A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing. -George Lucas

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    Reminds me of the Lothal Imperial Speeder crossed with the wing connectors or pylons or whatever they're called of Mining Guild Tie fighter(which was something like the old McQ concept Tie concept with the same skinny wing connectors) but with Interceptor-like shaped wings. Maybe a lil bit of Maul's Bloodfin speeder thrown in as well.

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    At least it is something different for those that like to complain that every thing is a rehash.
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    I like the look of this!

    Its a reaonably unique looking speeder, and a welcome one for SW (imo).

    I'm seriously considering picking this one up!

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    Saw better pics on Those upper pikes look really wicked. I'm probably expecting some parents to call out some potential safety issues with those. We'll see as I'm certain it's passed safety QA, but in that case scenario, we may be staring at something that's not going to hang around that shelf long.
    A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing. -George Lucas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick10126 View Post
    But will this even be in the movie....not going for anything like this until after the movie comes out....
    That's my question as well. I skipped the walker thing and the speeder bike from TFA and I'll be skipping this as well. Even if it is in the film, I don't really like the looks of it.
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    Hey it's the Debrovnik guys!
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    Back door huh? Good idea.

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