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Thread: Resistance A-Wing

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    Wow, I didn't realize the Rebels A-wing was that much smaller than the other two. It's just a darn shame it has that ugly Nerf launcher underneath.
    A-wing history has gotten a little convoluted. Pre-Endor appearances of the A-wing, like in the "Droids" cartoon, were retconned as modified R-22 Spearheads, an in-process prototype of the RZ-1 A-wing. Though it was likely due to the animation style, this gave an excuse for the smaller, delta shape since the A-wing was being developed "on the fly". Hera Syndulla's A-wing fits that timeline and shape but does not use the twin-barrelled laser cannons like the "Droids" and ROTJ versions. Instead, it has single cannon pods very similar to the RZ-2 evolution seen in "The Last Jedi". Not sure if it was a design oversight for "Rebels" or if they were trying to connect designs 60+ years apart because they're both modern toy creations, but it feels a little inconsistent.

    And I'm with you on the poorly-integrated Nerf launcher. Maybe it was a late addition to the mostly-completed toy design. Toys that followed, like the TIE Striker, did a somewhat better job of integrating the launcher with the overall look of the vehicle.

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    What's interesting about the 1985 A-wing (the rarest, and the only one I've never had) was that it was in the "Droids" packaging, as opposed to the POTF packaging. Despite this, the packaging artwork seemed to indicate this was an A-wing from ROTJ (not Droids); and the sculpt was from the film, not the animated series:

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