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Thread: Resistance A-Wing

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    Guessing this is the $39.99 mystery vehicle. Always loved the A-Wing design. Makes sense for the resistance to have to make do with older style ships since they are basically the Contras to the New Republic's USA.

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    Size wise, I'd guess in between TLC A-Wing and the Rebels one. If it leans more to Legacy that'd be okay, I guess (wasn't that ever so slightly oversized anyway?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthsatan View Post
    Ah, that's it, yes. Those guns.

    Also, it doesn't quite look right becausee the cockpit seems a bit too high and is missing the bit behind it that tapers into the body proper. Laziness or intentional I wonder?
    I think this is an updated version of the awing, with changes to the body, like the new TFA T70 x-wing

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    I've noticed the new design has the stabilizer wing-tapering run a bit more forward past the cockpit, so maybe the increased height of the cockpit-bubble compensates a bit for visibility. I can't tell either if the nose on the new design is longer than its predecessor, so that the bubble helps with over the nose visibility. The machinery on the back of the cockpit is suppose to house the deflector shield generator, particular the bulge on back of the cockpit on the previous design. It looks like there's a smaller one is potentially makes it a smaller target.
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    The Kylo Ren's TIE Advanced Fighter by the looks of things judging by the figures beside the toy ships, is a micro-sized toy ship so will look very odd next to the regular sized toy A-Wing ship.
    Very odd of Hasbro to do that with two main vehicles in the movie. Kylo's ship looks ridiculously small in comparison to the A-Wing, when it should be much larger in size.

    Judging by the real size of the TIE Silencer's cockpit (with Kylo in it) from the official images the toy should be over twice the size of the A-Wing, not nearly the same size as it!

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    I'm glad it looks pretty much the same...because I don't like things that are new....or different....
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    Micro Fleet, a waste of plastic it appears. Hopefully the sizes arent that off as these pictures seem to indicate. Its scary and indeed a shame.

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    I'm liking the design of the A-wing, and so glad to see no Nerf features.

    Is it me or does Kylo's TIE look a bit like the now legends TIE Avenger?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaptorBandito View Post
    I really don't care about the "Force Link" feature, but if it gets rid of Nerf crap on toys going forward then I would say I'm happy it's here LOL.
    Exactly how I feel. I'll never use it, but at least it's not obnoxious.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jayson View Post
    Nerf is gone from all vehicles for The Last Jedi. Also, the dead giveaway is that Nerf logo isn't emblazoned on the front of the box. No logo, no Nerf.
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    I'm liking this version of the A-Wing.

    Never picked up a 3 3/4 inch scale A-Wing before, but this one is certainly tempting.

    I quite like it's 'flatter' hull shape, as opposed to the ROTJ version, which is more rounded (width wise, from the bottom to the top).

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