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Thread: Luke with Wampa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterfett View Post
    Or not, you know how thy like repacks. This figure has the ability to be in some multipack with some Hoth Rebels, I'm thinking Echo Base deleted scene. lol
    Honestly, this guy screams cave dio. If Hasbro did that sort of thing.

    While I think some other fogure that Luke would ahe been more appealing. You have to remember that he was the only one that had an interaction with a Wampa.
    Hey your right they could go with the deleted scene, include that poor Snowtrooper that had an interaction with a Wampa. A three pack with Wampa, Snowtrooper and C-3PO with torn warning sign accessory lol.

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    I'll probably get this but the last Wampa was pretty good (and I have no desire for that awful Luke), so it's a maybe at this point.
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    I don't see characters in deleted scenes marketed for this line frankly unless there is some kind of labeling similarly done to the vintage collection Blu-ray deleted scene figures to denote it. OTOH, since the latter is targeted for a different market, an SA snowtrooper, Hoth trooper and/or Threepio would be OK.
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    It wouldn't have to be marketed as a Deleted scene, it would only be a nod to those in the know. The average consumer would just see Wampa, Snowtrooper etc.
    Which would likely sell regardless.

    The one I'm most interested in is the cave w/scarred Luke. Hasbro did the "accessory" version for SAGA Luke and Wampa, but that was kind of lacking. I think the cave cut in half with Luke hanging would be cool! I know that Cinema Scenes and themes Multipacks are over with so it would never happen.

    Upon further inspection, i wish they would have given him wrists. It seems missing since he's got knees and anles elbows. And only standard shoulders. I imagine because the arm falls off.
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    loving the look of the Wampa. I still have both the original Kenner version as well as the 90's version and the Saga Deluxe version too but this one looks too good to pass up.. plus Luke looks to be a decent upgrade from the original 5POA version.
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    Looks like a great update on the Wampa

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim View Post
    I'm not convinced the extractable arm, but I'll buy it for sure. It will be perfect next to my luke and tauntaun of TVC

    That looks very promising. I may not have a Kenner Wampa, but maybe some day, you'll never know.

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    This is a pleasant surprise and looks every bit as nice as the 6" one. Love it!

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    Yeah, I'm defintely getting this one.
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    what is it with Hasbro making this figure without the scarf? They have done this once before. Also it looks like he has the battle damaged face again (I think). It would have been nice to do the neutral version this time.
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