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Thread: Dewback with new Sandtrooper

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    Dewback with new Sandtrooper

    Hasbro will be releasing a Dewback with a new Sandtrooper.

    Who's going to be purchasing this?

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    Um……the better question is who won't be purchasing this.

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    One to open, one to display, and one just in case!!
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    I'm 90% sure I will buy this unless Hasbro just totally drops the ball when it comes to quality control. I actually didn't think that the Han and Tauntaun set was as bad as everyone was making it out to be, I just had no room for it. However, I will make room for a Sandtrooper and Dewback.

    Hopefully, Hasbro has learned a thing or two about Stormtrooper armor after making the Rogue One Stormtrooper and this will be a completely new sculpt.
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    I thought after Thrawn and Tarkin I would be done with the Black Series, but dang a new Sandtrooper and a dewback! Dewbacks are my favorite creature from star wars, gotta get one.

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    I'd buy it just for the Sand trooper, the Dewba k I am great bonus.

    I'll buy one and probably another when it goes on sale.
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    Bye bye all! I may still peak in the Merch section.

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    Love the Dewback!
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