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Thread: Advice please, broken diorama

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    Advice please, broken diorama

    Apologies if this is a bit terse, I am not happy.

    My cleaner has managed to snap Obi Wanís lightsaber blade on my duel of the fates diorama. Now she has managed to snap right at the base, so it is flush with the saber. This means there is nothing to grip onto to get the end of the saber out of the model. So that is well and truly stuck in there. Iíve included some photos.

    I canít make her replace it, itís way too expensive and she doesnít have that kind of money. Even though she has ruined it.

    Now Iím not sure what to do.
    If I leave Obi Wan without his saber blade then it looks rubbishÖ
    If I remove Obi Wan from the model, it looks oddÖ
    If I glue the saber onto his hands, itíll never go back in the box and becomes a pain to move/storeÖ.

    Any ideas or recommendations would be appreciated.


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    I would use a dab of hot glue. It should be enough to hold it in place and easy to remove when you want to store it.
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    Yes glue it, if you do move or sell you can just put it separate. You have no idea how many pieces I have broken in 11 years
    and repaired. My brother broke my Hulk Pf and that was not easy to fix
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    I use to own this piece a complete masterpiece I loved it so awesome. Shame Sideshow didn't make more like this and keep the line going. So many great scenes to make.
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    I have this as well and I've broken it in several places over the years, including the sabers. It's a really hard piece to move around once it's set up, but MAN it looks good.

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