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Thread: Top 5 Black Series 6" Figures

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    Boba Fett, Mace Windu, Revan, Dengar and Rex. In no particular order. Too many honourables to mention.
    DIGNITY! In all things Dignity!! Especially as a grown man collecting toys..........

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    1. Darth Vader - Obviously the newer one. I see people debate the best Vader across toy lines. To me it’s this be and not even close. It is the ONLY 6-inch Vader I have seen to capture the bulk and shape of the suit. The headsculpt is spot on too.

    2. Drawback with Sandtrooper - This one’s kind of a cheat. But I figured better to do both in one ranking than have Dewback and Sandtrooper both make the list. And they both would have. The Dewback is mostly the OT sculpt. It has the special edition legs. But that’s cool with me. I’m not much on the prequels and not at all on the sequels. It looks great to me. And they didn’t cheap out on plastic and weight like they did with the tauntaun. The Sandtrooper is among the best figures in the line on its own. The backpack sits too high. There. That’s my only complaint with this figure. Perfect sculpt. Perfect weathering. Loads of guns. Plus, before the line got really going these were selling for like $8 on Amazon at one point. (I have lots of them) Put two great figures together in one box? Sold!

    3. Gamorrean Guard - Hated this toys as a kid. It was just a fat, pig-man with an axe. But I’ll be damned if Hasbro doesn’t knock it out of the park in both 3.75 and 6 inch form. 3 weapons. Perfect sculpt. Plus, as i’ve gotten older, Jabba’s goons are my second favorite part of Star Wars behind Imperial soldiers.

    4. Grand Moff Tarkin/Admiral Piett/General Veers - Same ranking because same sculpt. All three look exactly like the actor. All three have the perfect expression whether it’s Tarkin’s sneer, Veers’ confidence, or Piett’s nervousness. Removable hats and gear without making the sculpts suffer? Both looks for Veers? Also, I really love Imperial stuff.

    5. Speeder Bike with Biker Scout - This one was a tough call. Plus, I already did a deluxe figure. But I decided to go with what I still have out in my living room and not put away. That seems like a fair assessment? Darth Maul was in strong consideration for this spot, but in the end, this is just too much toy and I spent $25 on it. I already have 2, but would buy again for that price in a heartbeat.

    Honorable Mention - Every figure from the Solo movie. Holy Hell. The likeness to Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, whatever that other dude’s name is that plays Han Solo, and the giant bike the chick rides with the cool mask, oh, and the troopers are rad.

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