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Thread: Battle of Hoth Diorama

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    Thanks so much guys. The Taun Taun is not from a model as you can see I sculpted it myself. I went back and forth on it it was a lot of work but I thought it would add a lot to the scene. It was a very quick sculpt I took a lot of short cuts sculpting the hair. I just wanted it to look right and fit in the background not necessarily stand up to real close scrutiny but it turned out really well better than I could have ever hoped.

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    I suspected it was scratch built, but stang! You got mad skills.

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    Thanks so much Utinniii. Here is another picture. After taking some more pictures I am afraid I am going to have to pull up all the figures and pull the snow and airbrush the terrain again there is just too much white it is coming off a little one note and the textures are lost in all the white. Anyway here is another picture with a photoshopped background.

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    Wow!!! I always said you were the king of sculpting, but dang!
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    Your sculpting is awesome! Very impressive setup
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    Incredible diorama. This is the kind of thing I always dream of doing when I'm buying Star Wars figures and vehicles.
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    This is heartbreakingly lifelike.

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    This is another great sculpting job, you are gifted at it. When you post updates it's always a joy to scroll down and see what masterpiece you've created.
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