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Thread: Battle of Hoth Diorama

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    Hey Tyranus. It is great to hear from you it has been a long time. To tell you the truth this is the first time I have weathered a vehicle. There are people that do amazing work. I have been a little scared to try. The AT-ST you see that is crashed is the first thing I have ever tried. It is broken but I kept it and I'm glad I did. It works nicely in the dio. Since it was already broken I felt a little braver to give it a try. I wanted to make it look burned out. I liked how that turned out so I decided to give the walker a try. I found pictures of the Master Replicas AT-AT and based the weathering on that paint app. Anyway it was fun and something I look forward to doing again. So I am not familiar with the schools of weathering. I know people do amazing washes and stuff. I just wanted a simple airbrushing and always think you get the best weathering effects when you combine washes with airbrushing.

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    There's absolutely nothing wrong with the weathering, it looks great!
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    I have a little time to work on my Hoth Diorama and wanted to post a couple pics let me know what you think. I will post some more updated pics soon.
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    That Taun Taun looks so real. This is a wonderful piece of work. Thanks for posting the pics.
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    This dio is amazing! Love the terrain and the tuan taun looks look fantastic. Looking at the background, that is a nice man cave you've go there, lol.
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    That is really turning out great! I'm Lukewarm on the tauntaun though.

    Seriously, it looks amazing. Is it from a model or did you just expertly position it that way?

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