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Thread: Custom 6in Jabba's throneroom dio WIP

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    Whoa, don't know how I missed this! Looks amazing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daigo_Bah View Post
    Whoa, don't know how I missed this! Looks amazing
    Thank you for the encouraging words. This has been a dream project for many years.

    I did cut down the main arch by another 1/4 inch and I think I am finally happy with it.

    Now I have to patch the 2 cuts I had to make to fit the inner arch and then cut out the green grid light and find a greebly for that brass doodad near the green grid light.
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    I have decided to expand on my Jabba's throne room diorama. Under construction is the side room with bandstand and the back room where Han in carbonite hangs. It is currently built like Jabba's arch and back room with foam board and I will use smoothfoam sheets for the stairs. The 2 side rooms in the back room will not be be created at this time and I will just create the arch where Jabba is hiding and I will install the curtain for now. I can add the full room in the future along with the other side room with the stairs if Hasbro releases more figs from Jabba's palace in the future.

    I will build the stairwell on the left partially (3 steps down to the diorama base) and try my best at the curved walls and ceiling. Next up is the next wall with the big arch leading back. When that is done the diorama will really come alive I think.
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    I have an update. I created the other door way arch opposite where Lando stands and also the next wall section with arch leading back to Han's trophy room. Next up is the arch for Jabba's hiding hole (lol) and back wall.

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    Got another update for those interested. I have started the back room wall where Han hangs and have cut out the exposed wall grids. For these I used some sheets of plastic grids used in needle work and cut the pieces out at 45 degree angles to mimic the honeycomb patter used on the set. To enhance this I drilled out the square holes to round holes which I think really mimics the honeycomb pattern well. You can also see that I cut out the exposed area on the inside of the large arch leading back to Han's trophy area. These sheets were basically 8.5 x 11 in multiple colors so I chose black to aid in the light blocking as most of these exposed areas are lit. The strip of foamboard along the ceiling is a temp stand in for the wood beams on the ceiling used on the real set. I will see if I can find some balsa wood at he right size as I would love to cut and stain the balsa to really bring the realism. I will be picking up more foamboard tonight to complete the wall and for Jabba's hiding room arch.

    I also scratch built the window covering from a pic of the real set. It was not the best photo and the very bottom was obscured by a stage hand but I am very pleased with the outcome.

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    That is fan-friggin'-tastic! LOVE the window, the whole thing is amazing. This is an essential one and this is one of the best. The curves of the ceiling are difficult to even figure out, let alone render. I've done this set in wood but have yet to get those ceiling/spatial arrangements down. Keep it up.
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    Thank you yodashizzle, this has been such a blast to build! I had drawn up plans about 10 years ago to do this in 3.75 in scale but was not in the right frame of mind then. Now, fast forward to Hasbro's 6 in line and Jabba's release and I got the bug again. It all started with my custom throne then just exploded. I will say that this side rooms area has been a bit funner to build than Jabba's arch, lol. Tonight I am purchasing more foamboard to close the back side of the back wall and to make Jabba's hiding room arch. I will be making custom curtains for both sides in order to save space and the fact that there are not enough 6 in figures from Jabba's palace to place in these areas at the moment. Hopefully Hasbro will release some more down the line and if so I can expand these 2 areas if I so desire.
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    Most impressive! Especially the size! 6inch dios need a lot of space. But it looks already really awesome. Can't wait to see more of it
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    Thank you Spectreone, this has been so much fun to build.

    I do have a small update. I have closed in the back wall alcove where Han hangs. I have a 5/8 inch thick sheet of smoothfoam installed and I am looking to purchase these ribs and I have contacted the seller to see if they will fit by alcove wall.

    After looking over many photos of this scene and set piece, I believe that the center section has a small bump out as can be see in my dio. I first noticed this on Hasbro's upcoming Jabba's palace play set and then started checking reference. I think you can see the bump out on screen very clearly for just a second when Han and Leia are embracing after he drops to the floor after being thawed. For the floor grating I used the plastic sheet grid found in the knitting department at hobby lobby. The grid pattern seems to work very well at this scale. The sheets come in multiple colors but I thought black would aid in the light blocking. I built the cart before the horse so to speak when I cut the holes out without taking the pattern of the grid into account. So, I cut the grid pieces out slightly bigger than the holes so they sat on the base more securely but with them being nylon I am not sure how I will secure them to the base, mainly around the edges to prevent light leak? I may try hot glue??
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    Wow! What I see so far is very well put together, so I have no doubt it will look fantastic once it's painted!

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